Name your apple!

So, as I snack on a wonderful Red Delicious, I’m wondering, what’s your favorite edible apple?

Granny Smith…I love their tart flavor. Add some caramel and you have an incredible treat.

Oh yeah…McIntosh apples too.

I’m a Granny Smith guy. I agree with Whack-a-Mole about the caramel.

I’m a fan of Granny Smiths, too, but my very favorite is a wonderful apple called the Champagne that’s grown at an orchard near here. In a good year, it’s a little tart, a little sweet, and very crisp. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a good year here in a long time, so they’ve been disappointing for the past few years.

My kids like Gala apples.

I like Fuji apples. Very crisp and juicy, also very sweet.

I dislike Red Delicious. I find them very mealy and rather dry. They’re beautiful to look at, of course, but I think they were bred with too much attention to looks and not enough to taste.

I’m partial to braeburns. They’re the kind I eat most often, and they’re usually the ones I want from the store.

When they’re in season, though, honey crisp apples are my first choice.

The best apple I remember eating was a winesap – but most of the winesaps I’ve had since then have been mealy and not as flavorful. They’ve mostly been storebought, though, while I had the really good one at an orchard.

pink lady’s are beautiful, crisp, sweet - yum!

Count me in with the kids on those Gala apples! There is nothing like a really cold one.

Do any of you put salt on your apples? Peanut butter?


Black twig.

Remember how apples tasted when you were a kid? The black twig heritage strain tastes that way.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Let’s talk apple jack.

I like Fuji and Gala apples, with Galas having a slight edge most of the time. I’m with racinchikki on the Red Delicious; they’re definitely red, but they’re nowhere near delicious.

Fuji or Pink Lady and tinned pie apples with custard or cream.

Yeah, but you can only get them from one company, you can’t use third-party knives to cut them, and the people who eat them get a little fanatical about them.

Cox’s Pippin

Jonathan apples.


Getting harder and harder to find, more often you find “Jonagold” hybrids. When I ask, sometimes I get a cross-eyed look and here “but those are cooking apples!!!” I don’t care. I like Jonathan’s with their slightly spicy, not-to-sweet crunch.



granny smith’s to eat.

and in a pie I only use macIntosh.

Granny Smiths and Cox’s.

Winesap or Gala

Braeburns…yummmmmm and with peanut butter, even better.