Favorite Apple Variety

My employer buys apples and bananas and puts them in the breakroom for all employees, but unfortunately, the woman that is tasked with this generally buys Red Delicious. This week she bought Honeycrisp - YUM!

Anyone have any favorite or least favorite apple varieties?

I don’t really care for Red Delicious - too mealy.
But I love: Gala, Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Granny Smith.

Nothing like a fresh apple!

I haven’t been able to find Honeycrisp, but I enjoy Gala apples. Red Delicious may look pretty in a a bowl, but they have no flavor.

Mackintosh- they’re yummy.

Personally, not a big fan of Cox.
Wink wink, nudge nudge, see what I did there? No, really I don’t like that kind of apple.

Honeycrisp. Love 'em.

Pretty much the ones you mentioned in the OP. I also love Golden Delicious, but they seem to start going bad earlier than other varieties, and can already be getting brown around the edges in the stores. If you can buy one on the side of the road, or find a nice tight one in the store, jump on it.

They won’t let me in the produce aisle anymore. :frowning:


Fujis, Galas or Braeburns, please.

Hands down ginger gold. I can only find them at our farmers market, and only then for about a month each summer. Seems like this year they came later and stayed around a little longer (see what I did, Irishgirl?). They’ve got a crisp texture and a slightly tart taste - just perfect.

When I can’t find gingers I like jonagolds, and failing both of those I’ll stick with galas.

For eating raw: Braeburn

For pie: 2/3 Cortland, 1/3 Granny Smith

My absolute favorite is Pink Lady. I have a really hard time finding them, but when I do I buy lots and eat lots of apples.

I also like Gala and Fuji apples. I bought 3 Fujis the other day (at $1.99/lb sheesh) and they weighed in at 2lbs. Eating one is a meal.

Honeycrisp, no contest. But also Jazz!

Cortland, Empire, Stayman, Macintosh–no mealy apples, please!


My wife loves Granny Smith apples.

My favorite used to be Pink Lady, until I discovered Honeycrisp.

Had to quote you, Motorgirl, cause you said EXACTLY what I was going to! :slight_smile:

Third place is Granny Smith’s.

Mac, Gala, Honeycrisp but I can’t often get them, Pink Lady, and a good Granny Smith.

I want something that crunches when I bite into it.

Honeycrisp is the ultimate apple, no doubt.

Overall, probably McCoun, with Empire a close second. Both have a lot of flavor and aren’t too sweet.

Macintosh are great fresh off the tree, but don’t hold up well. Don’t bother with them after November.

For supermarket apples, it’s either Empire or Granny Smith.

Red Delicious are red, but not delicious – they have the least apple flavor of any apple.

Pink ladies or red delicious

Granny Smith.

My favourite used to be Honeycrisp for eating, Cortland and Granny Smith for pies, but my total favourite right now is the Eve apple from New Zealand. Downright sinful.

Few supermarkets carry it here and I don’t think it’s too widespread in NZ yet either, but it was an absolutely awe-inspiringly discovery for me.