Cooking with Gochujang

At a friend’s insistence I bought Gochujang. It’s a fermented Korean condiment, spicy and umami-y. I tasted it and like it.

Tomorrow I am going to make this Korean chicken dish, recommended by the same friend. I’m going to make a few changes, most notable being that I have a whole chicken rather than drummies and I’m going to throw it in the crockpot rather than on the stovetop. And I’ll omit the carrots: nothing good comes of carrots in a crockpot for 8 hours. I’m thinking I’ll saute some cabbage to serve with it instead. I am totally stoked about my dinner plan!

Anyone ever used gochujang? Any other recipe ideas or suggestions?

Make a teriyaki merinade (equal parts soy sauce & sugar) and add the kochujang sauce to taste.

Where’s that “how I know I’m a 12-year-old” thread? Neither your username nor the subject of your OP are close to pronounceable. Well, to me, that is.

I like it best in those bright red beautiful stir fries you can get at Korean restaurants. My favourite combo is the squid/shrimp stirfry. The base sauce looks like it’s 99% gochujang and the dish contains lots of onion, green pepper and sliced hot peppers and sometimes slivered cabbage. It’s also very garlicky.

Here’s a recipe. I have no idea whether it’s authentic or not since I got it by googling “gochujang stir fry”.