I have a gallon of kimchi.

I was in The Strip District on Saturday with my daughter. I picked up a gallon jar of kimchi from a Korean shop there that I favor. In retrospect, maybe I should have purchased a smaller quantity. Any suggestions beyond having a little as a side dish at every meal?

I always use it to make kimchi fried rice. Dice the cabbage up fine and make sure you put some kimchi juice in as well.

If you let it sit for awhile, it can make the rice taste even better. Either way, it will taste fine if you make it right.

Kimchi soup is my favorite, but you’ll need to secure at least some gochujang as well.

My wife makes “Korean pancake” with kimchi (there are various ingredients you can use; kimchi being only one version). This appears very simple to make, but I think you have to get the right Korean base batter. You don’t want to use Bisquick. I think the batter, egg, water, and oil for the fry pan are all you need for the “pancake” part. The other ingredients are up to you.

These are very very delicious, so I suggest googling around for quick help on the prep and there you go.

Korean tacos:

Make bulgogi by marinating thin slices of beef (or chicken if you prefer) in soy sauce, sesame oil, some sugar, pepper, garlic, and onions for at least an hour. Grill or pan-fry the meat until cooked. Put some in a tortilla with kimchi and top with some sriracha and a lime squeezin’.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m going to go get some beef and kimchi and make these tonight!

My favorite was to eat Kimchi is to put in on a hamburger instead of the pickle and lettuce. I’m hoping for kimchi burgers for my birthday this month that and some kalbi.

Just came by to say that I am jealous that you have kimchi and you are near The Strip District. I love kimchi. I can’t imagine that a gallon would last me more than a week.

I would look up recipes kimchi jjigae and budai jjigae, but you’ll need a couple additional Korean ingredients. (They are both soupy stews and some of my favorite winter meals.)

Anyone else reading the thread title to the tune of ‘I’ve Got A Golden Ticket’?

Kimchi is delicious mixed into Chinese takeout wonton soup. I bet it would be good in egg drop or sweet and sour soup, or ramen noodles.

Don’t worry about it spoiling, because it probably won’t.

Fermented foods are good for you, eat it.

Are any friends fans of kimchi? Spread the love, then.

Does it qualify you for the carpooling lane?

But it will get progressively more sour tasting and there will be a point where enough is enough.

I’ve purchased smaller amounts often in the past and eaten it as a side dish or condiment. This quantity has emboldened me to experiment. I think I will try making pancakes.

And then that’s when you make kimchi jjigae! :slight_smile:

You can make something similar (and pretty good) with just kimchi, some kind of stock, and anything you want to put in it (vegetables, meat, tofu, etc). And bacon.

Yeah, I thought about clarifying that to say that you can still make something tasty even without the Korean red pepper paste or soybean paste. It’ll certainly be different, but still good. Damn. Now I want some jjigae of some sort.

Inside a grilled cheese. Sounds weird, but it works…