Cooking with Sake: Are we about to make a horrible mistake?

My wife is making a glaze one of the ingredients of which is supposed to be sake. We have a little bottle of sake in the fridge, but it’s been open for at least a month. I’ve been meaning to throw it out.

I pointed out that it’s been in there a while, and she said “It’s alcohol, alcohol doesn’t go bad.” Well, but I know you can’t just stick an alcoholic beverage open in the fridge and expect it to be potable a month later.

For cooking purposes, should this sake be okay, or is it strongly to be avoided?


It will probably be far better than cooking with snake, which is how I read the thread title.

I’d say it depends on how much sake is in the glaze and what the other ingredients are. If I had a month-old opened bottle of wine in my fridge (not bloody likely!), I would not hesitate to cook with it.

As far as cooking with alcohol goes: If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it.

More like beer. It don’t store well after being open. We use sake in cooking as a flavoring enhancer as in a marinade and not as the main ingredient.

Sake is rice wine, and it turns to vinegar just like grape wine. I’d at least sniff it first.