Cooks, I'm determined to make this recipe work, your input is appreciated..

I pretty much concocted this idea in my head a couple of days ago and I don’t think I’m going to be able to get it out of my mind until I actually try it.

So you know how Pillsbury has their version of the Sloppy Joe? Wherein you take the Sloppy Joe mix, fold it in a biscuit, and then bake it for however long?

Yeah, it’s like that, only I don’t intend to use Sloppy Joe mix.
The theme is, ‘German Steak’. This is basically what I want to do:

Ground beef, sauté in some diced onion and some minced garlic.
Throw in some beef broth and let it simmer for a while.
Next, throw in some diced carrot and some diced dill pickle (I know, weird, right?)
Let it simmer for a few more minutes. Then add some bread crumbs to tighten it up, and bring it all together.

Take mixture, fold it into a biscuit and bake.

On the side, I’ll have two dip’n sauces: Spicy brown mustard and Beefy mushroom.

Thoughts? (Other than I’m crazy)

I used to know someone who made this or something like it. Sometimes with sauerkraut and sausage instead of the beef. It’s a German dish but I don’t remember the name.

It’s yummy, though. Your recipe sounds fine to me. Just be sure your meat mix isn’t too wet when it gets wrapped.

Sounds like a pasty.
Here’s one good looking recipe:

Mmm I’d eat it.

If you’re unsure about baking times, be sure to try just one biscuit at a time until you get it right!

Bierocks ?

It’s made with beef and cabbage though.

Use puff pastry instead of biscuit dough.

Ha! I thought about that but wound up using Pillsbury.
I had it last night. Turned out great. Next time, I wont bother with the mushroom dip’n sauce. Spicy brown mustard was definitely the way to go.

Roll the dough out thin. Put bottom rounds into muffin tins, spoon in the filling, and top with top rounds.

Hmm, I was confused for a bit, mainly by the ‘folding into a biscuit’* bit. But I think what you’re describing is nothing more unusual than a meat pie. A staple of Australian (and British) cuisine.

  • When you say ‘folding in’, do mean make a pastry case, or do you plan to mix up the meat mixture with the biscuit mixture to make some sort of unholy blend of meat and pastry patty?

No. Think Calzone. I probably didn’t articulate that too well…

I’ve made something similar many times. I recommend diced green onions in the meat mix, and I never used carrots or pickles, though, so mine was more probably more savory and less tart/sweet than yours is likely to be. I also make a variation with cheddar cheese in the mix. Great snack food. I found the unbaked rolls freeze surprisingly well, too.

The main thing I’d suggest is to be careful when you put your mix on the dough. The mix will be greasy, and you don’t want the grease around the edges of the dough, or it will be hard to get it to seal around it when you fold it. Also, a given bit of dough never seems to hold as much of the mix as you think it should.

The Russians (and other East Europeans) make something like this called a pirozhok. The fillings vary a lot (my favorite is ground beef and pork, minced onions, and chopped spinach), and they can be either baked or deep-fried. Yum-O! :cool: