Cooktop advice

Are they saying that’s how long it’d last with 2 hours of solid use each day? Because I think we do a fair amount of cooking in my house, and I can’t imagine we average more than 30 minutes a day, probably less. Between instant pot, microwave, toaster, and oven, we have a lot of ways to heat food, and stovetop only gets used for things like pan-frying, wok-use, and pasta-boiling. some days I’m sure we pass 30 minutes by, but others we barely use it at all.

If those numbers are right, then 30 minutes a day would get you 14 years of use.

I don’t know where the lifetime estimates come from; one manufacturer in the UK listed the figures and their info has been quoted elsewhere. I can’t find any other sources, nor any explanation as to why they lose function.

We’re holding off for the moment, as it doesn’t seem to be an immediate necessity. THough I did see an interesting-looking on at Costco for a decent price - it even has knobs (that can be removed so you can use it knobless if you like). The big hitch there would be that it doesn’t look like Costco has an installation contract, so we’d have to install it ourselves. Is that even doable or would we need an electrician?

I do have one pot that I use fairly regularly that would not work (a Revere-ware stockpot). Most of my others are fine.

I currently have a glass top stove. It is 15+ years old. It cycles on and off to get the lower settings. Are there ones on the market that will just hold a medium temperature?

We had a Whirlpool Gold radiant range and it was very nice compared to the old coil top range it replaced. However, the power cycling for lower temps was mildly annoying (although that’s the worst thing I can say about it as it was an outstanding appliance for the 12 years we had it) and when we moved into the new house we decided to upgrade to an Electrolux Induction top convection range. No comparison. It boils a pot of water in 90 seconds, and the convection feature is awesome for baking. Super easy to clean, steady heat, and as long as you stay on top of keeping the top clean scratches are minimized. I wanted a gas range initially but I’m not so sure I would now.