Cool Adidas commercial - All Blacks and the Haka

The Kiwis and Australians have probably seen this lots, but I just found it on the net. Go to this page,
scroll down to the Adidas 60 second commercial (quicktime).

Anybody know of some footage that has two teams: Samoa, Tonga, Figi or NZ going against each other
with their war dances? Forgot to record it yesterday from the game.

The All Blacks doing their pre-game Haka always puts shivers down my spine, very impressive. I know that some Maori customs are very closely guarded/regulated/protected whatever the word might be, and that in some cases certain blessings are needed to take part etc. Does anyone know if the All Blacks routine has been given any sort of “stamp of approval” by the community leaders etc?

In the NZ vs Tonga match a few days ago, the All Blacks started their haka. About 3/4 into it, the Tongans start their war chant and advance over to the All Black’s half. :eek: Talk about high tension dramatics. Supposedly there’s a gentlemen’s agreement not to cross the halfway line during any prematch demonstrations.

Oh and don’t forget the Scottish prematch greeting, which consists of them yelling “Wadda ya lookin’ at Jimmy?!” and smashing them over the head with a wiskey bottle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool links! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the one I saw Rabid. It got me searching the net to see if I could find any footage of two teams doing their war dances.

On one of the clips given in my link you can see the Irish line face to face with the Kiwis, and it looks like they’re cursing them!

Isn’t that Zinzan Brooke wandering and looking grumpy near the end? I thought he’d retired…

Hmmm, kind of sounds like the friendly little annual battle we have here in my homeland. It will be happening once again this coming Saturday, when the Wolverines from Ann Arbor head to East Lansing to face the Spartans.

Then, two weeks later, the barbarians from Columbus, Ohio will make the trek to Ann Arbor.

Occasionally, couches get burned during these events. Usually by the Spartans and Buckeyes fans.

Yeah, the Haka is one of the coolest things ever.

Whoever is leading that chant is really good.

IANA Maori but as for Iteki’s question about the Haka, I think you can’t use a tribe’s Haka without their approval.

Lee Tamahori explained that they had to create a new Haka to use in the movie “Once Were Warriors”

It’s not Zinzan, I didn’t see him anywhere in the 60 second clip.

archmicheal Taine Randell’s leading the All Blacks in the Adidas commercial, not sure if it’s their audio though.

The best haka I can recall was one led by Norm Hewitt, against England where the English hooker went toe to toe with him. A few years later they had a scrap after a game in Dunedin.

Zinzan Brook is part of the Channel 7 commentary team here in Australia for the RWC.

I have often wondered what other teams are meant to do during the Haka. On a trip to New Zealand I went on a bus trip to a Maori touristy place. We were told that we would receive a typical Maori greeting when we got there. One of the Maori tour guides chose me to be the “captain” of the bus. When we arrived he took me aside and told me what would happen - a Maori warrior would come out of the trees and perform a Haka like dance (with bloody big weapon) and I would respond to it. He told me to stand still, not make eye contact and if offered anything accept it. If I failed to stick to this it was a challenge to the warrior. While the guy explaining this was very friendly I could tell that he really meant all this and taking the piss would be very bad form. He was particularly insistent about not making eye contact. This makes me wonder whether other teams are actually helping fire up the All Blacks by eyeballing their Haka.

I remember telling my mother during the first world cup in '87 that I wanted to be black when I grew up. She was fairly surprised, until my brother explained to her that I meant an All Black.

Apparently I cried when I found out you had to be from New Zealand.

Although I’m Canadian, I spent pretty much my first 5 years in NZ. One of my earliest memories is a Christmass pagent where we dressed up as All Blacks, pulled a Santa Claus sleigh, and then did a haka.