Cool Baker - toy "bakes" in refrigerator.

How on Earth does this thing work? The commercial shows the batter actually rising in the refrigerator. Too bizarre.

I could understand if you just whipped it up and it set up in the fridge (e.g. gelatin, or corn starch), or even if it rose right away after mixing (acid plus baking soda). But what would sit there as batter and then rise as it chills?

Judging from the reviews on Amazon, the answer to “How does it work?” is “Not very well”.

Here’s a photo of the ingredients list. Just a guess, but I’m thinking it works on a similar mechanism to the “1-2-3” Jello mix they made back in the '90s that separated into regular jello and a foamy topping while it cooled.

Yeesh. Hell with that contraption, any kid wanting to make a no-bake dessert should try eskimo cookies.

Sodium bicarbonate + gelatin.

chemical and biological activity still happens in the frig. some dough rising is better done there.

“shellac” ?!? :eek: In food? :mad:

Thank you all very much for your answers.

You’ve never had Milk Duds, Raisinettes, Junior Mints, or any of dozens of other candies? As a general rule, if it’s got a shiny coating, it’s got shellac in it.

Well, I won’t again. Blech!

Should we tell her what shellac is made from?

Let’s just say that it’s “all-natural”.


Personally I think wood finish adds that extra specialness to candy.

Now I want some Junior Mints.

You’re not on any time-released medication, are you?

I come here to have my ignorance fought and defeated. Damn the consequences. :wink:

You are talking to someone who hasn’t eaten Jello in more than a decade.

ETA: Drunky Smurf: Thank you. And, EWWWWWWW!!!

Shellac is used TO MAKE wood finish. That’s not the same as saying “Junior Mints ARE coated in wood finish.” It’d be like giving someone a spoonful of flour and telling them it’s a slice of cake.

Gross! I’ll stick to honey.

eeeeewwwwww!!! Do you know what honey is made from?


if you gave me a slice of cake, i would finish it.