How does this toy no-bak oven work?

For Cristmas, my daughter got some sort of strange toy oven. It doesn’t plug in, it doesn’t connect to our gas supply, nothing. You put these mixes in there (can’t say for sure what’s in the mixes other than dried egg, dried milk, flour, and a bunch of chemicals), along with a bunch of ice, and somehow the stuff “cooks” into little cakes.

What’s the SD on how this works?

Is this it?

Apparently the mixes contain gelatin. It’s not ‘baking’ the cakes, you mix them up and then let them ‘gel’. Just like making Jello.

That’s the one…interesting. Thanks

My god, those cakes look revolting. Turds dipped in snot. Who’d eat something like that?

Only a parent…

I make too many typos myself to make fun but at first I was wondering what a no-bak was. I thought it was some sort of exotic foreign cuisine that I had never heard of.