cool day to search Google

If you haven’t already noticed Google is, well, different today. It’s for a good cause, and it’s a good way to get out a message. But it will only look like this for one day.
I never would have thought of doing a “What are some awesome Google searches to do?” thread - until now.

Ah yes. I saw that if Google changed from white to black, there’d be some silly amout of savings in energy from just that.

According to one of my professors (a chemist, not EE), power plants don’t have a way to store power, so the power they’re producing is just going to be wasted, meaning that there’ll be no impact from it.

Anyone with more expertise know anything about this?

Although IIRC our own illiustrious power guru UnaPersson has commented about utilizing extra generators during peak load times. If extras are not needed because of a saving measure, the fuel needed to drive those extra generators is not spent.

Only on CRTs, which are stupidly wasteful all the time, toxic, difficult to properly dispose of, and are slowly being replaced with flat-panels anyway.

Not a very intelligent move.