Cool name anagrams

I’ve been playing with the anagram generator at

Here are some of my name anagrams:
Tout my lithograph
Algorithm typo hut
Tutoral hog they pm
Outright math ploy
Outright amply hot
Though pr to almighty
Thou almighty port

and my favorite

Almighty truth poo

My friend has a great one also
Obscure alias

Anyone else want to share?

Printmaker licker hut
Printmaker clit her uk
Herculean kirk mitt pr

They got kinda dull after that.

Howard Hughes - A dough shrew, horde wash ugh

Brittney Spears - Interpret abyss, Interpret by ass, passerby rent it, restrain step by, ye spinster brat

Monica Lewinsky - nickname Wily SO, sic alimony knew, my incline was ok, Mansion wick lye, know icy seminal.

George W Bush - Sewer bug hog, where bugs go, whore egg bus, Bush grow ego, hugs Gore web.

Some of the fave’s of my name:
An Ample Mess
Ample Ass Men
Enamel Spasm
Males snap Me
Salesman Map
Napalm Seems
Psalms Enema
Spleen Mamas
Seamen Lamps

And my absolute favorite, Plasma Semen!

Of the dozens out of my name:

Cesarian kale jam
Alaska manic jeer
Asia manacle jerk

Jamaican elk arse
(Not sure I like that one!)
And of my user name:

Cheer scowl
(that fits, sometimes)
GEORGE BUSH: He bugs gore

ALBERT GORE: Rebel gator

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Gaggin on wet horse
And my favorite -

SPIRO AGNEW: Grow a penis

Barry Manilow: Panty-waisted anti-christ singer with some girl attractiveness.

wait. What’s an anagram?

OMG, I had so much fun with this!

A few of my faves:

Alternative mental irk ho
Alternative kremlin oath
Alternative market nil ho
Veto the matrilineal rank
Reverential thalami knot
Reverential anal moth kit

Well, my favorite of my own name is southerner.

Ethereal blaze chile
Ethereal zilch ale be
Liberate hazel leech
Blather haze lice eel
Braille aztec heel he
Braille elect haze he

I can’t claim this is mine, but I love it:

PRESIDENT CLINTON OF THE USA: To copulate he finds interns

Breast Jug Rep (A tit containers reputation?)
Superb Jet Rag (a really good cleaning cloth for planes)
Spare Bert Jug (where do YOU keep your spare Berts? What about Ernies?)
Super Brag Jet (a really cool 747)
Grab Just Peer (Not going into THAT one…)

Me: Carryover Mules

My boyfriend: Malnourished Rosary Job

The dean of the school we work in: Gentleman 'tis Dodo


Me: A hand reaps gunk

my best friend: rave is main

Cecil Adams=camel sac I.d.

This is so funny!

My favorites for my name:
bearskin joy on
anyone irks job
joy knob arisen (:o)
enjoys brain ok
inborn say joke
insane york job
senior yank job (:o)

I’m particularly fond of:

Sinner sends woe
Sweden’s on resin
Neon swine dress
New nerd’s noises
Senor Swine’s end

and my personal favorite:

Send son in sewer

using my first name:
no lard
loan dr
an lord
old ran

first name and middle initial:
land rod
lord dan
darn old

last name:
nag patrolled harp
Apparent droll hag
Arrogant lapel phd
Headlong lap rat pr
Paternal gold harp
Plethora grand lap
Portland pearl hag
Hang tarpaper doll
Tarpaper dong hall
Another glad lap pr

How 'bout Cecil Adams:
Ed’s Acclaim (the conspiracy is true!)
Mescal Acid

The Straight Dope:
red hot spaghetti
the therapist God
death’s tightrope
goatherd hits pet
hogshead pert tit
I get rheostat Ph.D.
got pert shithead?

Nipple Kill Shot - My Native-American name.
Pistol Help Link - My website.
Silken Hilt Plop - A Fexual Act, which reminds me, I’ve got some new ones to post in the Pit.
Tinkle Pill Shop - I can’t really explain this one. The cops might be listening.
Hello Split Pink - My Porno name.
Hotel Spill Pink - A lodging establishment I own that rents its rooms out by the hour.

The one that stands above all others for me is A yam slice.