Anagram Generator

I did a quick search, but I don’t think this site has been mentioned before.

You can type in anything, and it will generate an anagram. For instance, “Straight Dope” comes up “Stodgier Path.” I personally disagree, but I’m sure the word-savvy SDMB will come up with great things and prove this site wrong.

ETA: “Straight Dope Message Board” gives me “Garbaged, sharp-set sodomite.” That’s more like it.

Sock of Doom = so mock food.
Do you like Krab?

My supervisors full name comes back as…Hoary, critical variation.

Type in “Jim Morrison”

My full name comes up cellar obscurement.

One the other hand, get a room turns into more goat.

Try George Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Great stuff.

Yay, another time waster!

chiefscott HA! Nice.

My real name yields “Whinge jam duty.”

Forgot my own name, Shallow, measlier altruism.

Heh, Cecil Adams becomes Acid Camel.

Rearranging the letters of ‘Robert Earl Hughes, the heaviest man in the world.’ gives:

Truth is, he’s all rear-end, an over-weight behemoth.

In person

the exemplary, entertaining rat says:
MMP=Damn moronity pongs.

My name (first and last) : Killing, see?
My name (first, middle, last): Granite-like Sluts
Lobster Mobster: Sob to tremblers

Stauderhorse = Hoarsest rude

My real name = Plonked salacious loo.


First and last name: Oh Jesus! A char.
Full name: Ha Ha! Crass journey

Sic Semper Tyrannis - Mastery in Princess

My S.O.'s full name comes out as “Hot romanced healing.”

I agree completely. :smiley:

My first, middle and last name yields, “I’m an incredulous dear”

Wow the truth finally comes out.

On Edit i thought it read “I’m an incredible dear” Well you win some, you lose some.

Victoria’s Secret becomes “I cover, caress tit.”

Mine becomes a ‘loony, rich joke’!

Chippendale’s becomes ‘pleased pinch’


Hmmm…might it be time for another round of SDMB Anagrammed Username Cartoons? Or perhaps SDMB Anagrammed Real Name Cartoons?

If Amazon Floozy Goddess is up to it, I’ll be happy to keep hosting the 'toons…