I'll make a cartoon from your anagram, part 2!!

In this thread, I offered to make cartoons from people’s anagrammed usernames. Lately I’ve had a niggling to do more, and our generous Hal Briston has offered to host the images again, so if there’s anyone who missed the original thread, is new or returning after awhile, or whose 'toon got missed the first go around, submit an anagram of your username that you want me to draw…and I’ll do it! :smiley:

You already did mine, I just came in here to say that you rock. :wink:

Hi I used http://www.anagramgenius.com/server.html

I got back
Rich Jr fan

Thank You.

Using the site** jrfranchi** mentioned, I came out as:
Am an alarm as a.**

Sounds like an incomplete thought, doesn’t it?


I’m guessing mine will depict a phobia of the letter

So - I guess you don’t have to do mine…

Better still! I used my real name and got:

Wally on arson.

Should be much more interesting to draw. :slight_smile:

My username does not anagram into anything useful, but by name becomes Mere Spy Mell Your past drawings were very funny!


Last time I did two seperate threads…one for anagrams of usernames and one for anagrams of real names…so…

This time, how about we do this: If your username doesn’t produce any anagrams, you can submit one of your real name instead. That should ensure something for everyone, eh? :slight_smile:

BTW, thanks Kythereia!

OOohh…mine’s good.

Fly dear foxy!


My dopername:
Nag celibacy

My full real name:
**Amazing, Terrible
the name I go by, plus last name:
I’m brazen gate

Well, last time I did my username…let’s go with my full name this time…

Oh my…this should be interesting (I had to look it up 'cause I’m a dumb guy)…

Momental dysmenorrhea

In that case this may be better: “The finer major crabs” than “Rich Jr fan” Whichever is easier or more fun.

Just to throw a note in here – if you’re not coming up with a good anagram, or don’t feel like trying to put one together, lemme know. I do so love anagramming. :slight_smile:

I loved the other thread, but I was a latecomer & didn’t want to be a bother.

I’m happy to be a bother now. AndyPolley anagrams to “Only Played.”

And so people don’t have to go searching through the linked thread, here are the sites where the 'toons’ll be posted:

User Name Anagram 'Toons

Real Name Anagram 'Toons

Folly isn’t much help,
but Lord Folly turns into Fly or Doll

My thanks

I thought the last batch were great.

Care to have a go at snarl ox?

Ok, using my real name, May Mad Way
Using my SDMB name, Is My Us.


D’OH - MANY Mad Way

Sorry - I’m an idiot.

Ooh. I’m glad you’re doing this again. I didn’t notice the last thread until it was several pages.

My user name anagram: Hash Jugs