Cool words that don't exist

From that site I got bassmelled.

Definition: taken in by a fishy story.

Testiculate is a cool word.

A friend of mine coined this word when she was trying to say something about the act of executing a will: executration.

I have occasionally euphemicated, using “testicular fortitude".


Ah, I see you’ve been wading in the Pit…

At least that’s where I’ve been getting my Daily Requirement of schadendorphins:

As a noun, it’s a threat to veto proposed legislation.
As a verb, it’s to threaten such a veto, in an attempt to get the bill killed before a vote.
“The governor threatoed the bill in a press conference. The Senators didn’t have enough votes to override a veto, so the bill was abandoned. The threato was enough.”

I didn’t coin the word myself. I heard an NPR news talker say it by mistake and correct himself. I emailed to say it was a cool and useful word, but I got no reply.

Minger’s a real word, and not one I’d want to associate with a drink.

That word is pronounced ‘MING-ur’. Minger Ale rhymes with ginger ale. :wink:

Yeah, well, that pronunciation does not necessarily sound like a tasty beverage, even if it is squeezed out of the most appealing-looking source.

I’d think it’s the hubris of suburbanites.

And done for show it is theatro …