Cool words that don't exist

Partly inspired by the ‘cool words’ thread, and partly mothered by the necessity to invent some nonsense for my scambaiting activities, I’m interested to hear some words that sound like they could exist, but don’t.

Background: I’ve decided to go a bit Jabberwocky with my current collection of scammers and I have so far asked them if the funds (8.5 million dollars for me) have been glarded. It will be a problem if the funds are glarded, because my account is in a tax clode.

So I need some more words that are either completely nonexistent, or so incredibly obscure that they hardly exist.

Not quite exactly the same thing, but Douglas Adams presented us with a treasure-trove of words that ought to exist, in The Meaning of Liff.

Veeblefetzer and Foistboinder also come to mind.

Nonsense Word Generator

This page generates nonsense words based on a frequency list of phonemes as they occur in legitimate English words. Generated words are checked against a list of approximately 500,000 English words. An actual word may slip through occasionally but it should mostly generate pronounceable gibberish.


quirylorally suribettons prosopor horrention bascal
mellecutiner wardrol exclost misjuntalled extrand

Entiled. It’s like entailed and entitled, but it’s when all your cash is walled up behind a tile in the bathroom and will take a while to free up.

A/k/a “I own a house.”


scume: (skyoom), n., people or culture that offends to the very soul, so that one avoids the mere mention of them in polite society; e.g. Here Comes Honey BooBoo.

Blackadder Series 3 "Ink and Incapability*

It’s a real word, but I like absquatulate.

These aren’t:


Mastermotivation. The act of self-motivation

Oh, that’s very lovely - thank you!

A Facebook friend posted this:

Geographer tough talk: “It’s absolutely bosporus to think that a gibraltar like that and those two dardanelles he hangs out with could be such a bunch of azores.”

From an episode of Family Ties involving a Scrabble game:

ZOQUO = to engage in water sports
USHNUU = to towel off (e.g. after water sports)

That’s a pretty hasturish link, running_coach. I’ll hanorcate that site since I snoodisibly need to come up with a holmous word or two.

Kurt Vonnegut gave us Wompeters, Foma, and Granfalloons

He even used it as the title of a book.

I trene to liffer. Artibly, I’m spenegated by your sorbidity!

And I remember what two of those mean.

I want two pronouns, meaning “we including you the listener/reader” and “we not including you the listener/reader”.

You can have that if you speak an Austronesian language, rather than English.

Are you aware of a book called Finnegan’s Wake?

No mention of the notorious Chronosynclastic Infundibulum?