Words you made up

Or made up by family/friends, including terms coined by a baby/toddler, that you regularly use. Give the word, define it, use in a sentence.

Hungry for a snack
“What’s in the fridge-- I’m feeling kind of noshlik.”

Variation: Naplik
In need of a nap
“I’m going to lie down-- feeling quite naplik.”

Available for lunch
<Said to colleague around noon> “Are you lunchable today?”

Gription: very sticky combination of grip and friction
“Use good gription when hitting your driver off the tee”

Not so much made up, as fixed:

Same as “Vegetable”
Which vegables do you want from the store?

Disfute: (verb) to simultaneously dispute and refute
In a heated exchange of words, Alice disfuted Bob’s assertion about the dangers of GMOs.

When I was very young, my mum would hand me a banana and tell me “don’t eat the skin”. In my confused, childish brain, I somehow decided that this is what they were called. I couldn’t manage such a complicated sentence at that age though, so I shortened it - and to this day, bananas are called “donties” in our family.

Floobage: the movement of a woman’s breasts relative to her torso.

Losertic. To describe a person who drives like a lunatic while also indicating that they are a complete loser who is only endangering those around them.

For that time around the Holidays when I’m REALLY not feeling it ---- Bah-Humfuck.

I coined the term a few years ago while living in South Korea. I’m now living in Beijing, China and the prevalence of inevitables here is not amusing.

A couple from childhood:

bibo - the satin edge of a blanket.

“I like to rub my feet on the bibo.” (Still true, forty-odd years later.)
The pup - the laundry chute.

“Mom! Whadda I do with my dirty socks?”

“Stick 'em down the pup!”
bip - fart.

“Okay, dammit, who bipped?” Almost inevitably yelled by my dad on long road trips.
dinkle - penis.

“Dinkle guitar! Dinkle guitar!” - what you yell when you’re standing in the shower, holding one hand out as if you were playing an invisible guitar, and waving your wand with the other. And you’re a seven-year-old boy. What can I say? It was the 70’s, and we didn’t have a Nintendo. You made your own entertainment.

Wibbly - an unpleasant, less-than-firm texture - think undercooked bacon.

During a conversation about which current players are “of a good enough standard to be considered the greatest of all time” I shortened the phrase to GOATworthy. I was later amazed to find that no-one uses it except my friends and I although, “who is worthy of being considered the GOAT” is a common discussion.

Anyhow it makes for a pithy rejoinder, “Sorry simply not GOATworthy.”

Moronothug: a wannabe badass ninth grader, usually found to be incarcerated before his twelfth grade year.

My daughter’s name for a hammer was “pounder”. Pretty descriptive, actually.

Cunt based: shitty.

Turkey cousins: The cousins of one’s cousins on the other side, to whom one is thus not directly related. “We’re going to stop by Aunt M___'s over Christmas break.” “Will the turkey cousins be there?” Coined because, in my family, the family so related whom we see most often, we consider (affectionately) to be a bunch of turkeys.

I had a roommate once who used the word “humongous” a lot. I thought (at the time) that he had made it up. When I discovered that the word was already in fairly common use, and pointed that out to him, he was surprised. He thought he had made it up too.

Well, when you’re seven years old and have a wee-wee to play with, who needs Nintendo?

Or maybe because you only see them at Thanksgiving?
These are great, BTW.

My mom liked to remind me of two words I made up as a toddler. Water was “aylum”, and when I would point at something I would say what sounded like the first syllable of Brezhnev.