Ever coined a word?

You know: like ‘truthiness’? Something that seems completely appropriate? We were talking politics with friends yesterday and one of them asked if Palin’s speech patterns were typical of an Alaskan accent. My wife said no, it’s just her idea of being mid-western folksy. To which I replied, “Right: spelled f-a-u-x-e-y.” My contribution to the lexicon, and I’m sure it will catch on in no time.

Consider it coined. My SO and I will help spread it to the masses. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, well in the same vein, I wanted to write a book entitled “Animal Faux Paws” about wildlife who exhibit recklessness or just make dumb mistakes. Like a squirrel that impaled itself on a lightening rod - it looked like I had two weather vanes . . .

I use the word ‘smuffocated’ with is smothered and suffocated - I coined it, but I don’t think anyone has adopted it -

Kilobuck. One thousand dollars.

Twiticism- a mundane, trite and moronic utterance.

When I first came up with it, I used the example of Person A breaking their leg and Person B asking, “Are you all right?” I thought I was humorously exaggerating here. Nope! After I got bitten by a lion, every *single frikking person * asked (after “You got bitten by a what?!”) “Was it scary?” or “Did it hurt?”:smack:

I invented a unit of measurement called the Megan (with the possibility of adding a kilo- or mega- to the beginning). Several years ago, I had a completely worthless coworker named Megan. One Megan was the amount of work Megan could do. Most people were in the kiloMegan or megaMegan range.

Waitwaitwaitwait…back the truck up…you were bitten by a fucking lion? Details, man!

Does a two word phrase count? I’ve coined the phrase “cranial dysmenorrhea” to describe the state of a whole bunch of politicians. And local judges, for that matter.

Its not a word, will a phrase do?

Stilton, Gorgonzola, Any strong blue cheese I love! But to one lady sharing my ref it is,

Fear factor cheese!

Not a whole “word,” but a usage. I managed to get a small cult (okay, not really, but I like the word cult) to use the word “nautical” in the way that “radical” used to be used.

It is [del]awesome[/del] totally nautical.

“fossilarium”–a home for the very aged.
“Amerigine”–Native American, AKA Indian.
“prontosaurus”–a very speedy dinosaur
“tvidiot”–a person who gets all his news and opinions from television.

Hypocracy - a form of government run by hypocrites.

“Danielfucked” is what my brother’s friend Daniel can do to a computer. It applies to all things that get messed up in silly and inconceivable ways.

I continue to insist that I was the first person who ever used the expression “testicle fortitude” as a pun on “intestinal fortitude”. Now that I hear the former more often than the latter, I’d like my royalties now, please.


At the time I made that post, I hadn’t yet uploaded a picture of the free t-shirt they gave me, and my subsequent alterations.

My friend’s wife has a way of having any products she likes get discontinued by the manufacturer. So, when this happens to us, we say “We got Sherried”.

I occasionally refer to my husband as my “spousal unit” and I’ve got some people I work with using that expression.

When I was in the Foreign Service, I coined the term “diplo-raptor” as a descriptive for many of the higher ranking diplomats’ secretaries. It didn’t go over as well as I had hoped, but was very accurate.

Alrighteous- Used as a response for when people as how are you feeling? Better than “All right” but not quite fully “Righteous”. I’m just alrighteous today. Also, I tend to slip it in when “righteous” could have been used as a random positive response to someones comments.

Wavicle. It’s something that has some characteristics of a wave, and some of a particle. Light and other small particles are wavicles. It helps you get past the “how can it be both a particle and a wave” confusion that beginning physics students experience.