coolest belated christmas gift from my boss

my boss bought everyone at my work LED belt buckles for christmas , but since I already own one, she brought me back something else from Thailand.

A flat jelly rollup USB keyboard, with anglo and thai characters. I love it and if i spill my beer, I can wash it. It’s water proof

While I am sure there is something cooler she could have gotten me , this is the most thoughtful gift from someone that didn’t really know me all that well that I’ve gotten!

I had never heard of such things, so I googled it:
This is really cool. I so want one.

Wow! That is really awesome. I’m happy for you and your coworkers.

You can drink beer at work? :smiley:
I think that’s a better gift than a keyboard!

You think that’s nifty, how 'bout a flexible plasma display to go with it?

I bought 6 of these two years ago for a surgery suite digital X-Ray display system (PACS). They are terrific.