Coolest gang on film

Inspired by the Bloods/Crips poll. Thanks Kayaker.

My vote goes to the Ducky Boys from the Wanderers. IIRC all the other gangs were terrified of them and had to band together at the end to take them on.

The Warriors, from the movie of the same name, or, the Baseball Furies, also from the same movie. The Baseball Furies were wimps(according to Ajax), but they had the makeup, the uniform, and the bats. Looked like the Yankees lineup from Hell.

I’d have to say the Jets from West Side Story, just 'cuz any gang who can look like that while singing Sondheim deserves props! :wink:

So they were like a *Queer Eye for the Straight Gang *gang?

I’ll gp with the gang in A Clockwork Orange – I think they were the Droogs?

Nah, the Sharks looked and sang just as well, plus they were better dancers.

But the Jets had a better song.

The Droogs were the first totally psychotic and nihilistic gang. The Crips, Bloods, and Tony Montana have more social conscience. Some of the newer Mexican narco gangs are closing in on the Droogs, though.

I don’t think they were really a ‘gang’ called the Droogs…it was just Russian for ‘friends’.

The Bowery Boys from the old Cagney films.

Definitely not the rival motorcycle gang from The Wild One. It’s not hard to see why Brando’s outfit became universal shorthand for cool, while porkpie hats missing the top and fake beards never quite caught on.

The gang made up of many and identical and seemingly endless Agent Smiths (Hugo Weaving) in The Matrix Reloaded. They can’t sing like the Jets but they can wear each others clothes like nobody’s business. Plus he proved he could sing already in Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

I also liked Cat’s gang in Cat Ballou, particularly if you include the minstrels (Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole). Kid Shelleen’s transformation from out-of-shape pathetic drunk to slick gunfighter (though even drunk he was a great shot) is one of my favorite scenes, as is the final rescue.

::sniff; sniff:: is that the scent of a new reality show in the air??:wink:

The Goonies.
'nuff said.

Which gang tied a guy to a tall bridge, a rope to his winky, a rope to a big rock and threw the rock off the bridge ?

Thats the gang I vote for.

You dont see that kind of creativity these days in a gang.

They were singing Leonard Bernstein (with Sondheim’s words), and since Bernstein is a far superior and more sophisticated composer, that’s the hard part.

I’ll go with the original East Side Kids.

The Newton Boys was a “meh” movie with Matthew McConaughey. However, at the end of the movie the showed a couple of clips from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with interviews of a couple of the real Newton Boys. In those clips, which probably lasted less than 2 minutes, you saw the charm of the gangsters that was utterly missing from the movie. At least one review I read said those interviews at the end were the best part of the movie. I think would have to agree.



Ocean’s 11, if they’re a gang. I especially enjoyed the Mormon Twins.

Warriors are pretty cool I guess. Not too many great gangs on film though.

Dead Rabbits!

CMC fnord!

That explains how Richard Beymer was able to hit those high notes.