Coolest small towns in the US

Do you live in one of the coolest small towns in the US? Apparently I do. 80 towns were nominated by the readers of some travel magazine I never heard of until now, and from those 20 small towns were chosen as finalists.

And Astoria is number 2 currently. It is also our bi-centennial year. Lewisburg, West Virginia is cooler or has every school kid in town voting 5 times a day.

Anybody live in one of the other 20 on the list?

I don’t live in any of them, but I concur with Astoria and Port Townsend. They’re great. If Port Townsend had any jobs, I’d live there. We spent a vacation camping trip at Ft. Stevens, Astoria, and loved the area (home of Kindergarten Cop). Great aquatic center, great place to vacation with kids. You must be very cool to live there!