Coolest Superhero's

Which are the coolest superhero’s out there, new and old, I wanna know.
Personally these are my favorite:

Green lantern

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PigeonMan obviously.

But I also like Spiderman.

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HEY! Damn it, GuanoLad… I was gonna say PigeonMan!!

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Aw, c’mon. There can be only ONE.


'Nuff Said.

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Littlejohn, out of curiosity: Did you grow up in the Golden Age of comics, or did you grow up watching the Superfriends?

I’d have to say:

Batman (the Dark Knight variety)
The Tick
Wonder Woman (current)
Zealot (Are the WildC.A.T.S. still around?)
Anything Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, or Tony Slattery came up with on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (British)

There are many others, but this seemed like a good short list. My favorites, though, are the ones my friends and I created for our (now-defunct) indie comic company. These were damn good characters, not just “cool superheroes,” and I miss them.

–Da Cap’n

Adam Warlock rules!!!

Littlejohn, you forgot Zan, Jana, & Gleep :slight_smile:

I was always a big Spiderman fan as a kid- he always had something witty to say mid-fight.

My favorites:

J’onn J’onzz, The Manhunter From Mars (aka Martian Manhunter)

Deputy Forsythe Jones (anyone remember Jughead’s Time Police?)

Superman when he was in that snazzy electric costume.

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Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu
Green Arrow
The Shroud
The Shadow

Without question its Spiderman! I know my share of cool heros, lets see…

Daredevil - gotta love the “blind” superhero!
Fantastic Four - one of the original teams
Punisher - shoot first, take names later
Nomad - short lived series, reminded me of the TV show “Renegade”
Silver Sable - a strong, no nonsense, get the job done woman
New Warriors - a great series until the writing went downhill, still a cool team/concept
Gaurdians of the Galaxy - set in the future, another unknown title that was very well done
Superman - cant beat the original!
Batman - I liked this a lot better when he was written more like the super detective instead of super gadget man
Flash - we all crave speed… admit it
Dr Strange - the best magic man in the biz
Iron Man - I wish I had that armored suit!!
Ghost Rider - motorcycles and flaming skulls… if that isn’t cool I dont know what is
Silver Surfer - Marvels version of Superman that needs his own title back!

I could go on but I have to go!

What we have here is obviously a collection of people who have not read a comic book since 1994.

That was the year the current Starman was invented. Wears a leather jacket and aviator goggles, runs a used collectibles store and listens to Sinatra religiously.

And for kitschy cool, there’s Space Cabby (really! I didn’t make him up!)

Chaim Mattis Keller

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Anybody remember Iron Fist? A classic (and now quite dead) martial artist.

How about Luke Cage: Hero for Hire, aka Power Man? I don’t know that I liked him, but he certainly had a serious groove goin’ on. Superfly with superpowers!

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In no particular order:

Robin (Tim Drake)
Max Mercury
Arrowette (at times)

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The Shadow! Of course! Thanks for jogging my memory RTA.

Also: Super-Grover!

And of course one I should have mentioned in my first post: the awesome and spectacular Tarzan of The Apes. In the book he was on more than once described as a superman.

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight

Batman is, was & always will be cool.
No marvel comic qualifys as cool at any time. The company wrecked the industry.

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Spider-Man, obviously is no. 1.

I’ve known a lot of X-Men fans who think Wolverine, or Rogue or some other simp has got the difference on Spider-Man, but I just pull out Secret Wars #3 wherein it is written that the entire gang of X-Men jumped on Spider-Man’s ass and couldn’t lay a glove on him. Spider-Man knocked them around like billiard balls. It took nothing less than Professor X’s unearthly mind control rays just to keep Spider-Man from telling Reed Richards that the X-Men were planning to bail out on the rest of the super heroes.

But, of course, I don’t read Spider-Man anymore, and consequently I don’t read comic books at all. It got to where every pissant in tight pants had some nerve gas or sonic ray that screwed with Peter’s Spider-Sense. And all those Venom knockoffs? And Peter turned out to be a clone?

I hope Marvel goes under.

The Spectre, as done by Ostrander & Mandrake around '94/'95.

When faced with determining which side was in the right during the Bosnia/Serbia/Yugolslavia conflict, he decided the easiest solution was to kill EVERYONE in the whole damn Balkan region.

Which he did.

None of this pc angst for our boy…

The Punisher, of course, has a naturally cool vibe.

But Daredevil was the coolest: neatest weapon and that cool radar-vision!

New category:
Lamest Superhero

And the Winner is. . .


What could he do? Talk to fish? Seriously. The Submariner was so much cooler.

What? Surely you don’t think Aquaman was lamer than the amazing NFL SuperPro.