Cop tases 10 year old. FBI investigates

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In my beloved state of Arkansas, too.
A policeman in Ozarkwas called to a family disturbance. The kid won’t shower, so Mama calls the cops. It seems strange already. She tells the cop he can taser the kid if he has, kid kicks cop in the privates and he tases her.
I didn’t know we had any FBI guys in Little Rock…

What’s she gonna do, call a cop and have you tased?

“Don’t taze me, ma!”

You probably don’t. The agents probably had to be flown in to babysit one of your hillbilly cops who in turn was called in to babysit a bratling of a different hillbilly.

A little more seriously though, what a mess. :frowning:

This is fucked up. I wonder who squealed. And if there’s more to the story. I mean, there’s got to be, right? I just don’t know if it will make it any better or worse.

Far worse, Jewish Guilt.


What a total failure of a parent. What a schmuck of a police officer.

The office is 24 Shackleford West, a rather ritzy office area. I would have thought they’d have been downtown in the Federal Building.

If I had to tase her,
I’d tase her in the morning,
I’d tase her in the evening,
All over this land…

So, the kid did assault the cop, right?

You left out what a useless lump of a child. It’s a package deal.

Looks like she kicked him in the family jewels. By malice or accident, I do not know. The story hasn’t changed from the local news earlier this week.

I wonder how the story got out. One witness who wanted her child tased, one policeman who complied. Either her talked at work or whe had second thoughts.

In a related story, two Portland Or police officers felt they could not handle a 12 year old girl, who was out late at a light rail station. And decided they needed to shoot her with bean-bag rounds out of a shotgun, in order to subdue her. One of the officers was also involved with an incident that resulted in the death of a mentally ill man a few years ago.

Portland is a very liberal city, but damn. Two big boys against a rebelious teenager? Just shoot her!? This was yesterday.

I read the thread title as “Cop **tastes **10 year old”. Damn, thinks I, let’s hope the FBI do more than just investigate!

Even the taser turned out to be a piece of crap.

What the hell kind of person tases a 10 year old? I’m not a big fan of cops in general but I wonder if they couldn’t just let this guy go back to work and let his peers punish him. How much respect can you get back at the station when you’re the jackass that tased a little girl? Girl Scout Killah is going to hear about this every day for the rest of his days, maybe he will eventually evaluate his life and realize what a goddamn piece of shit he is.

Actually, no, that’s fun to think about but it won’t work in the real world. He should lose his job and spend some time in county for abusing his power. What a dick.

Don’t let the age fool you. There are children younger than that who have murdered people sadistically. We all know that a kid kicking police is just going to grow up to murder people anyhow. As the animal shelters say better put down than living in a household that isn’t the best situation.

The BATFE office in Spokane, WA is in the Rock Pointe Corporate Center. I presume this is because federal agencies do shitty things to people and the feds got sick of being held accountable.

Mr. K, a link to a picture of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building with the description “held accountable” is way out of line.

How so? Surely you are not suggesting that Waco and Ruby Ridge had nothing to do with McVeigh’s actions.

Yes, he killed a lot of innocents to make his point but he did make his point. Just as the FBI killed a lot of innocents to make theirs.