Cop tases 10 year old. FBI investigates

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Grr. The second instance was where an out of control person was wrestled to the ground by several officers and the force may have led to the death. So now you want the first officer to do what? Wrestle the adult sized 12 year old to the ground after she struck an officer in the face? Seems like a no-win situation.

I suspect that the one who got kicked in the balls squealed like a pig.

No. Most real LEOs and Courthouses are put in Federal buildings. A few smaller branch offices are put where ever its cheap- some towns don’t have a Federal Building.

My Congressman once got into a fistfight with an eight-year-old whom he said was attacking him.

Did he win?

That’s ridiculous, I can understand why do cop did it, but it was wrong to do so.

If the kid had done this and he didn’t have a gun, would he have sluged in in the mouth.

There are proper ways of restraining people, and cops should be trained to use such methods.

I think people don’t realize that stun guns aren’t as “harmless” as they seem. There are differnt kinds of “electronic guns” Some have two nodes and you have to apply two nodes to the person and press. If one node isn’t touching the gun fails to do any good. Other kinds of electronic guns can be used at a distance.

I think if you actually have to touch the person it’s not very effective as they can wiggle to escape one of the nodes or they could also take the gun off you.

Cops get injured and it goes with the job, so I see how the cop would be mad, but I don’t think this was a proper way of “restraining someone”

I’m sure every state capital has an FBI office.

Ozark is the town my mother is from, too. :smiley: Beautiful area. Don’t recall any bastard cops, but I remember it in pre-taser days.

They even have their own website.

The trouble is not with the cops being injured, but with the restrainee being injured. I really don’t understand why people have such trouble understanding what goes on.

Since generally the public tends to get a bit annoyed if the law enforcement folks just shrug and walk away all the time, and since even cops get fed up with the antics of the esteemed public, there are quite a few incidents per year where someone is going to be forced into Doing What The Cops Want, such as putting on cuffs.

Restraining someone who doesn’t want to be restrained entails either hurting them until they obey, or applying quite a bit of force. Apply a bit of force to lots of people, and some of them are going to get hurt or just plain die. So you get the following happening with tedious regularity:

Someone is restrained with force. Suffers serious injury as a result. Public outrage. Police briefed to avoid using physical force, in future use taser instead.

Someone is restrained by tasering the crap out of them until they allow the cuffs to be put on. Public outrage. Police briefed to avoid using taser, in future use good old-fashioned wrassling instead.

Rinse. Repeat. At each stage in the cycle another 500 megabytes of abuse, villification anecdotes and opinons are spewed onto the internet. In this particular instance we have ‘10 year old tasered’ and the appropriate aggravation.

If Hicksville had been on the other swing of the cycle it might very well have been ‘10 year old pinned down and cuffed, suffers black eye, 2 cracked ribs and torn ligament. FBI investigating brutality allegation’.

I sincerely doubt it would ever have been ‘cop kicked in nuts by 10 year old shithead, shrugs and says never mind’ or ‘10 year old brat immediately apologises for kicking cop in nuts, volunteers to be booked’.

Now, now, no need to be ugly. :slight_smile:

There’s at least one in every state except Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, and Kansas. Not always in the capital city, either. List by state:

Well, I meant every one except those. :smiley:

I can understand New England, because according to Mrs. Plant nothing bad ever happens there, :rolleyes: but I would think they would have offices in the Dakotas because of the Wounded Knee incident, West Virginia from the bootlegging era, although that may be AT&F, and Kansas was a popular place for gangsters during the Depression.

I was joking about not having an office here. All that White Water stuff to investigate. :slight_smile:

He’s been fired.
But for not using his camera, not the tasering. State police investigation continues.

Another story on this here.

I think the FBI investigation is still continuing as well (AFAIK).

Let me asplain. No, is too much. Let me sum up:

When’s the last time you got into a tussle with a 10 year old?

I own a 13 year old, mellow, suburban girl with no fighting or wrestling experience. We rough house on occasion and if I’m not careful she can put me on the floor with just a little determination. Sure, I could mess her up with a good hook to the jaw but this isn’t about me. I usually play defense and every now and then “teach” her a specialized move or pressure point.

When she was 10 years old, I discovered that she could put me on the floor when she discovered the premise of delivering a hook to my jaw.

Now, imagine a very determined and angry 10 year old. Imagine a situation where you need to restrain them. Imagine also that you have attached to your belt a sidearm, can of mace, and a nightstick. I highly recommend REMOVING said belt before getting close and friendly with a wound up 10 year old because, sure as God made little green apples, you will be dealing with an ARMED wound up 10 year old within seconds. Now, for other stories imagine a coked up, 10 year old street punk who likes to fight and knows how. Your best bet is to unload your sidearm into him from 20 feet away.

Maybe the cop in the OP was a douchebag and maybe not. But if you think it’s universally unreasonable to tase a kid then maybe you need to familiarize yourself with some kids. After 7 or 8 years of age, they can really surprise you.

Why did they even dispatch a cop to a call from a parent with a bad ten year old? WTF is up with that? If I call 911 because my child doesn’t want to eat her veggies, I’m the one who should be handcuffed.

Probably when I was 18. I could put my brother on the ground and sit on him in about 3 seconds. He was an average size for his age and so was I. He was pretty pissed off a few of those times too.

I take your point though, I’m sure there are some kids out there that could do some real damage.