Cop tases 10 year old. FBI investigates

And don’t forget: This was a hillbilly 10-year-old. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was 6 feet tall and used to rasslin’ her older cousins to a standstill.

…and probably an incarnation of Vishnu.

I think just ‘Cops Called on 10 y.o. Girl Who Won’t Take Shower and Actually Respond, Taser Girl’ would do.

They are probably required by law to respond to a call. If Mama beat the kid to death and the police hadn’t shown up, they would be in just as much or more trouble as they are now.

which would you rather face? an attack by an unarmed 10-year-old girl or a cop tasering you?

Tough question, either way I’m taking lumps. :slight_smile:

True, since a child was (theoretically) involved. It just sounds so much like one of those calls that makes it on the local news or the internet, where someone demands the cops come so they can get a McDonald’s breakfast after the cut-off time or something. But with tasering.

A new catch phrase.

“It is what it is…but with tasering.”
“New and improved…but with tasering.”
“Wassup, but with tasering?”

Yep, the police are all bastards until **you **call them for an emergency **you **need help with.

Unless you’ve been a cop, and had to subdue a 6 foot something 300 pound man **or **a 95 pound 10 or 11yo old girl, then you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Arresting and handcuffing a beligerent, fighting, kicking individual requires you to make them stop. You can overpower them, or you can cause them enough pain that they want to stop. This is a lose-lose proposition when dealing with beligerent children or the elderly, because you’re either going to be the guy who beat up a child or grandmother, or you’re going to be the guy who got his ass kicked by little Suzy or Aunt Edna. There is no win here for anyone.

Yes, a grown man can force a child or little old lady into handcuffs, but someone is **going **to get hurt. One that fights enough can get seriously hurt, because no cop is going to let little missy kick, slap, bite or whatever, if he can help it. We don’t want to hurt anyone, but we’re not there to take a beating from anyone.

If your only knowledge of Tasers was gained by watching COPS on TV, you are woefully un-informed. The use of a Taser can keep so many people from being injured, but it’s more fun to hate the police and scream about abuse than to learn the truth.

Police officers do everything they can to avoid conflict and absolutely hate injuring someone. Not because of some high moral position, but because there’s always some liberal pansy criticizing them no matter what they do.

If you haven’t done it, then you just don’t know the realities of dealing with, subduing, and arresting a violent person. Age and size have little to do with the danger an officer faces, and I invite any of you whiners to contact your local police or sheriff’s department and see if they have a ride-along program you can participate in.

Then, perhaps you’ll learn the truth about things and stop criticizing what you don’t know.

Yes, I understand over-zealous officers exist.
Yes, I understand that true abuse by an officer can and does happen.
I also know that the numbers of each are incredibly small, and no one despises them more than responsible LEOs. They are not tolerated when found, for they undermine the good work that professional LEOs do for their community.

In this case, how do you justify even attempting to cuff the girl? What is she charged with?

I agreed right up until here where you took a left into fantasy.