Cop uses taser on handcuffed 9 yr old girl

Will it ever end? A 9 yr old girl? Handcuffed? She must have been one scary 9 yr old.

People called these kind of cops pigs.

Deservedly so.

Jeez, Reeder. Doesn’t your coffee spill every time your knee jerks like that?

If you want to question why she was tasered, fine. But handcuffs? You betcha you handcuff the little darling. Nine-year-olds can kill, or haven’t you been paying attention the last 40 years or so? If they are in custody, you cuff them. Period. Especially if they are troublesome, as this one obviously was, or the cops wouldn’t have been called in the first place.


The rant is about tasering a handcuffed 9 year old.

You can’t read?

Yeah, I heard about that on the news last night. Apparently, the girl was out of control, trying to kick the back window out, screaming and fighting and struggling with the cops. Not that that excuses tasering a 9 year old, but the cop would have probably been in a heap more trouble if he put the girl over his knee and spanked her, like Mom suggested. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I must have missed the 9yo-cop-killer epidemic. Please refresh my memory. :rolleyes:
And whatever weasling that cop does now, you just know that at the time, all he was thinking was “this’ll teach her a lesson”

The story (thanks for the link) was pretty sketchy. But it is hard to imagine how a grown man with police training would have to use a taser on any already handcuffed suspect, let alone a nine-year-old girl. What got me is that the sonofabitch is still on duty! I guess a 25-person department doesn’t get it’s pick of the best personnel, but it looks like this one recruited from “special needs” troops.

I have to say I think most cops would be as pissed at this sergeant as you and I are. They’re not all pigs.

Well the article you linked said the original officer at the scene specifically asked another officer to come with a taser so she indeed must have been a scary little girl. My Mom worked with special needs children. She has scars on both arms from teeth and fingernails.

I think I’ll wait for more info before I come to a firm judgment.

Ya, Reeder, I can read. You are still a knee-jerk jerk. Rather than wait for the full story, you jump on the cops based on one sparse news item. For all you know, she could have been pulling a knife from her pants, or had her teeth bone-deep into a cops arm. But no, the cops are always wrong in Reeder’s World.

I’m sorry…but when there are two full grown police officers vs one 9 year old girl who’s in handcuffs and they resort to a taser…yes they are wrong.

You’re a mind-reader, too? Is there no *end * to your talents?

In all likelihood, the cop over-reacted. But you don’t know that. You just assume cop=wrong.

As for 9 year olds killing, look in any big city newspaper. Not an epidemic, but they certainly are not automatically harmless.


Simply Put.

There. Is. No. Excuse.


Double- :rolleyes:

I read big-people newspapers every day. Can you give a single example of a 9-year-old ever killing a policeman?

I agree. The article says the department is frequently called there. There may be more here than is represented in this story.

It *may * be as heinous as has been suggested. Then again, it may not be.

And you know this how?

You are a fucking idiot.

What about that episode of “The X-Files” with the little girl who hurled that cop out of a window using the awesome power of her mind? I mean, she was possessed, but still …

I’ll side with those choosing to wait for the complete facts.

I’ve seen relatively small adults (90 pounds) in cuffs and manacles clamp their teeth on someone’s arm, or get their hands in someone’s face (or gonads) to gouge eyes (or gonads!). The damage they can do in a second or two is enormous.

A taser is a good way to halt that sort of behavior fast with a minimum risk to both the out-of-control person and their victim.

QtM, MD to miscreants

Have tasers ever been tested on children? I doubt it, so we’re actually talking about an unknown risk.

Unlike you, silenus, who would give the cop the benefit of the doubt even if he whipped out his Glock and pumped 5 rounds into the scary little girl.

Why, yes, as a matter fact, I do know what you are thinking…

You’re kidding, right? GorillaMan says “that cop was thinking blah blah blah.” Silenus says “you’re just assuming that.” You say “how do you know, stupid?”

I mean, you’re kidding, right? Right?