Copies of Crysis 2 leaked

Someone posted this story on another forum, I thought people might be interested.

The results should be interesting to watch.

The build is an older beta, missing textures, models, and god knows what else.

But yeah, that master key is a big issue.

I wonder who was pissed enough at Crytek to do something like this.

Sucks for PC gamers though. It’s never good seeing a bunch of criminals affect your hobby in this way. I wasn’t going to preorder the game since I was waiting for the Steam version, but I went ahead and pre-ordered from EA. Show a little support.

Where to get it?

Probably pirate bay.
Just a hunch.

Alright much more details emerging.

The Beta is buggy and prone to crashing, it’s also missing animations, textures, models and GUI elements. The Beta is also locked at medium settings and DX9.

So PC gamers that were going to buy it, still will. This is not a replacement for the game at all.

And as for the pirates, those rats weren’t going to buy the game anyway, so who cares?

The only real issue here is that leaked key. Might delay the release of the game.

Does it matter? Have they released computers that are capable of playing it yet?

That sounds no better than a demo, hopefully they can get the key thing sorted out so this doesn’t affect them much.

Why is the leaked key an issue? Just because it will allow the real game to be cracked faster when its released?

The unoptomized beta that leaked reportedly runs better than Crysis 1 and looks a lot better than Crysis 1 at medium settings.

I’ve seen Youtube footage of a GTX 460 running it at 1080p at 60 FPS.

By the way, Crysis one ran just fine on mos hardware back in 2007. It took a beast to Max it out, but the game looked amazing at less than max settings anyway.

I imagine it would allow the multi-player to cracked immediately. Once you have the master key you can come up with other valid ones, I believe.

Don’t go and ruin my joke with facts.

I know you’re joking (due to the later post) but this attitude bugged me tremendously. Crysis has always scaled very well, so a mid-range system at the time of the game’s release would run the game very smoothly on medium settings. The problem is people would be like “WTF MY RIG DOESN’T RUN GAMES AT MEDIUM! I CAN’T PUT ON ULTRA SETTINGS! FUCK THIS GAME!”

But the stupid thing about that is that Crysis, on medium, looks better than any other game ever made. I mean, still, to this day, crysis on medium is better than anything. Yet they even future-proofed the game, so now you can play it with modern hardware and play it on ultra and get an even better looking game. They created a game where the medium settings was already the best looking game ever, but that also had extra added graphical stuff so that in the future you’d be able to make it even better.

But the community responded to this by maxing out the settings, say “wtf this is too slow, this game sucks!” and not getting it. The stupid thing is - if they had made the exact same game, and instead ran it on medium settings but labelled them “ultra”, people would be saying “omg this is the most beautiful game ever”. But instead, because they actually added content to it, the retards all rejected it because it was more important to them that they could see “ultra” in the graphics settings than actually look at the most beautiful game ever.

So had Crytek crippled the game, and delivered less content, people would’ve been happier with it.

I find this implausible. People complained about crysis being “unoptomized” but it was ignorant. It was simply extremely good, therefore extremely demanding. There was an amazing amount of stuff going on under the hood and to use it all you needed a beefy rig. I don’t think it’s possible for the game to look significantly better and run significantly better at the same time.

What probably happened is that they made compromises about the design. Crysis has a huge, open world, tropical island with tons of trees and huge view distances, where you could go any which way you wanted to complete your tasks.

I suspect crysis 2 is much more restricted, probably closer to being an on-rails shooter, with much lower view distances (close things always blocking your sight), many more “zones” where you’ll need to do a loading screen to enter a building or move to the next area, with artificial barriers left and right keeping you from going where you want to go, lots of scripted events… it’ll basically be more like Call of Crysis than crysis, and that’s a shame.

So it may look better in some ways (lighting, maybe texture and model detail) but it’ll be a much more limited world, so being graphically better is sort of an illusion, if that’s even the case.