Copper-it does work for chronic pain! I am living proof!

For years now I have suffered with neuropathic pain down my left leg…felt as if it were going straight into the bone and running down my leg- front, back and side…my husband would tell me it would “twitch and jump” all night in my sleep, and no mattter what I took for prescriptions…nothing eased the pain. mostly I woulld walk the floors at night with it, and after 2 or 3 nights of utter exhaustion, and Neurontin, finally I would just sleep out of exhaustion from the agony.
One day, my husband came home with boxes of old things from his father’s house, as his mother passed away, and the house was being sold…and he came accross this copper bendable wristband type of bracelet, and suggested I give it a try on my left leg…being a Nurse for 22 years, and seeing just about everything…YES, including miracles, I gave it a try. Tim wrapped the bracelet around my leg that night, and till this day (about a month now)-if I don’t wear that bracelet to bed at night, after a few nights, I notice the pain come back.
I researched how the copper works, how it is absorbed topicly by the body, and is an essential element in myelin…the matter that covers our nerves and promotes conductivity…and it’s been used for pain relief as far back as the Egyptian times.
Our body’s function basicly on elecctrical impulses, and what better conductive material than copper-maybe gold…but, seriously…how do Physicians re-start a heart? - exactly- electricity…the same way nerve impulses are measured, by their electrical conduction.
For all of you out there suffering from chronic pain, I highly reccommend trying copper bracelets…(NOT THE MAGNETIC OR IONIC TYPES) all you need is a $5 copper band, for your arm or ankle…and your body will do the rest, by absorbtion. when i mentioned how it would take a couple of days before i noticed the return of the pain, when i wouldnt wear the bracelet…it was because the levels of copper in my body had declined from my inconsistant use.
there are cases of too much copper ingestion, however they are usually when people take oral supplements, not when the body takes it in topically by means of a band or bracelet. i will turn your arm or leg greenish, but…the color is beautiful considering the weight of the alternative…pain. i have read several articles that it relieves arthritic pain…but i believe mine is the first case of nerve pain relief-at least; I have not seen any other articles. I sincerely hope someone out there reads this, and finds comfort, as I have. god Bless. Nonimahony

It is sad that a former nurse would throw away years of training in the scientific method to embrace pseudo-scientific woo. Do you have a single cite for a double-blind study that shows that this approach works?

You’re not proof. At best you’re living anecdote.

Sometimes what seems like woo could actually work. My friend was constantly injuring his wrist at work. His physical therapist suggested he wear one of those big heavy magnetic bracelets. She told him whenever he was asked to put something heavy on the truck that he hit that person upside the head with the bracelet, and in the end his wrist would hurt less.

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Yeah, along with the rest of us.

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Copper gets absorbed topically through the skin?

My mother, who was a nurse for a long time, spent many of her last few years following various pundits or sadhus or sages, claiming they would cure everything including AIDS. Thankfully, she did not do this instead of her regular treatment (she died of cancer) but in addition to it. Still, not one of those sages saved her from her cancer. :frowning:

Being a nurse doesn’t mean people are immune to woo.

Any copper in multi-mineral vitamins? Seems a beter way to “absorb” it if there is.

If you’re convince the copper worked, you might be interested in this.

Wow. You’re a nurse, and you believe all this shit without proof? Don’t they teach critical thinking in nursing school any more, or did you forget how to apply it?

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Placebo effect.

I’ve met “nurses” like this. It makes me cringe every time I see my doctor, thinking that one of these “nurses” might be there.

I’m just disappointed there wasn’t a link to a website where we could buy copper bracelets :frowning: I was really looking forward to getting one after reading such a touching testimony.

Silver is the best electrical conductor. So it will heal your pain even faster than copper!

Good Og people. She’s just expressing an opinion that this worked for her. Why the hell do you want cites for that? Are we now suppose to do double blind studies before we post personal experiences on this board?

Whether it’s a placebo effect or legit, who cares? The pain’s gone either way and someone’s quality of life is improved. This is a GOOD thing, peeps, sheesh.

Good for you, OP! :slight_smile:

The OP continues after the opinion with a description of how it works that is really kind of whack.

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When the personal experience is retarded, yes.