Copy and Paste URL's

Suddenly, using Chrome as my browser, I cannot cut and paste clickable links into intended hotmail emails. Instead of neat and clean http: it comes out like this:

Actually, I cannot show you how it comes out, because when I type and paste here it comes out right. I recently changed my email TO plain text from RTF. Could this be the problem?

Did you try sending an email with an “unclickable” link in it to someplace to test?

Parsing links often happens on the recipient’s side. So plain text on your end would, yes, be un-clickable (just like when you paste in a link in the SDMB reply box - it’s not clickable) but when it gets to the recipient there’s a 99% chance their email client will make it clickable. As long as it’s got the http part, it will be recognized and parsed.

Send an email to yourself to see.