Why doesn't cut and paste work from Libre to Google?

I don’t think I’ve had this problem before. I cut or copy from a text document and try to paste into an email I’m composing, but nothing shows up. The word Paste shows up darkened, as if it’s going to work, but when it put it in place and click it, the cursor disappears and nothing transfers. Is there some setting I might be missing? Seems as if this has worked for me before. I even restarted the computer thinking something was temporarily corrupt, but that didn’t help. Anyone have an idea here? Thanks, dopers. xo,

It is possible to disable cut & paste because some sites don’t want you to cut & paste. Not a friendly practice but it happens frequently.

That’s not it. I’m trying to copy from a Libre Office document that I wrote, and to paste it into a G-mail letter I’m composing. I’m almost sure that I’ve done this before, so I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Can you cut and paste into notepad and then from notepad into gmail?

A quick google suggests that this is not expected behavior on the part of libre office people so it’s possible you’re experiencing a bug.

Hey - that worked! Great solution. Thank you. (I didn’t even know “notepad” was a separate little program, but I found it, and it worked great.) Man, I love this site!

Another idea would have been to paste it into whatever word processor you usually use.

The big advantage (and sometimes it is a disadvantage) of Notepad is that it totally and simply ignores all formatting. It is strictly text-only. So, for example, if you copy an entire web page and try to paste it into Word, it may take a very long time, and then when it is finally done you’ll have all sort of weird tables and stuff. But if you paste it into Notepad, you’ll get the text and only the text, with no italics, no bold, no pictures, no crap. You may have a lot of blank lines, but that’s about it.

Yeah, except that was the problem in the first place. I use Libre Office as a word processor and it wouldn’t copy from there to G-mail. But I did get a solution I can use. Thanks.

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Oh. Well, that’s different… Never mind! :slight_smile:
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