Copying from one document to another in MS applications

I’m not sure this is the right forum, because I am asking for factual information, so it seems GQ-esque in a way. However, I don’t think my question would elicit the visceral reaction of intriguement that a GQ should. I mean, "Why do pigeons bob their heads?..that’s profound! My question, on the other hand-- “How can I cut and paste from one MS document to another, and have the font of the destination document determine what the pasted content will look like?” is decidedly not profound. Well, maybe it is! After all, Microsoft’s quirks seem to be the object of much complaint…ummm, the Pit perhaps?

Anyway, I do have a question. You know how when you’re working in Windows, and you paste text from one window to another, for instance from a Unix session to an email, the font of the source window seems to govern the appearance of what gets pasted. So if my UNix session window is in r_ansi, and my email window is in Times New Roman, if I paste content from the Unix window into the email, it will get pasted as r_ansi, which looks really bad next to TNR. Is there any way I can set my PC so the target document will govern the font and size of text that I paste from another document?

GQ – IMHO – BBQ? You be the judge. Hey, now it’s an IMHO in any case!

To use the formatting in the document your’re copying into, click on “Edit,” “Paste Special,” and choose “unformatted text.”

I have no idea why Microsoft thinks the original formatting should be kept. The default should be the other way around.

Not to be too cynical about it, but I’m sure it’s because the average computer user would freak out if copying something from one window to another changed it’s font.

Christ, the people I see using computers every day don’t even know that pressing the delete key makes things to the right of the cursor go away whereas pressing the backspace key makes things to the left of the cursor go away. The average computer user doesn’t have a lot of, shall we say, mental flexibility. :wink: