Coronavirus April Fools FB Posts

Yeah. Really funny people. I just my first obvious April Fool’s Day “joke” on Facebook.

These people should be charged with public mischief.

This one told residents of a certain city to ensure everyone was inside at 11:40 PM and that all windows and doors were closed because helicopters would be spraying disinfectants to eradicate the coronavirus.


Maybe I lack a sense of humour, but April Fool’s Day jokes irritate me at the best of times.

These are not “the best of times”.

I hope the “funny” stuff is a bit more muted and thoughtful this year. I’m not holding my breath, though.

One more reason to be glad I’m not on FB.

Doesn’t FB have a “report this post” feature? Sounds like a good time for you to jokingly use that function.

Good point.

Google announced that they weren’t going to do their annual April 1st stupidity. A think a lot of sites are following their lead. But users are another matter.

I posted this in the April mini-rants thread in the BBQ Pit.

So, it’s not just on feeb. Idiots abound.

All in all, April Foo’s Day needs to go away.