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Largest single-day death toll to date in Hawaii yesterday, with 12 reported. Tomorrow, many restaurants and other business will start that program mentioned before, where for two months they will have to check your vaccination status before allowing entry.

Thailand has finally dropped back below 200 deaths a day, with “only” 180 reported yesterday. They plan to lift a lot of restrictions at the end of the month, but I think you still will have to quarantine for a couple weeks on arrival regardless of vaccination status.

West Virginia:

225,479,436 total cases
4,644,176 dead
202,068,229 recovered

In the US:

41,853,362 total cases
677,988 dead
31,871,868 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Idaho has run out of hospital space. The state has abysmal vaccination rates and yet has elected to do nothing to try to slow the pandemic: No mask mandates. No forcing of state employees to get vaccinated. Around where I live, I get glares while wearing my mask, and I’m one of the few wearing one (we don’t go to stores unless we have to and as early as possible).

Neighboring WA has done far more to try to slow this thing down and luckily still has hospital space. Now ID is trying to use up that space (along with TX and MS).

Does triage ever kick in for out of state patients? Do states have a “duty” to serve their own constituents first?

I don’t see how this doesn’t allow the feds to mandate vaccinations via the Commerce Clause.

ETA: Ooops, I’ll drop this here as too political and perhaps take up the discussion elsewhere.

They talk a bit about this:

“Hospitals are generally obligated under federal law to accept transfer requests when there is space to care for them. For cases in closer proximity, officials said, patients may drive themselves across state lines to hospitals where they believe they can get more immediate care, and hospitals must care for those who show up at their door. For patients without insurance, the hospitals may end providing the care for free.”

And I put down the wrong state in my first post on this. It is Missouri (MO), not Mississippi attempting to send folks to WA.

Even if they did, most hospitals aren’t owned by the states. And the state policy is unlikely to be the fault of the random sick person who shows up at in the emergency room in some other state.

On the Johns Hopkins site, we have new record (seven day averaged) Daily COVIOD cases in:

Florida – (25,062)

West Virginia – (2157)

An NPR article on the north Idaho region:

A whole lot of derpin’ goin on!

I shouldn’t read FB comments on the local news reporting on this, but I can’t stop myself. What you find in this article are similar to the comments you see:

  • The vax killed my brother’s best friend’s hairdresser!
  • You just need to treat people that test positive really quickly with the alternative medicines and they turn out fine!
  • You need to take more vitamin D and zinc to build your immune system!
  • You can’t tell me what to do with my body (unless it has to do with a pregnancy)!


SPOKANE — Surgeries to remove brain tumors have been postponed. Patients are backed up in the emergency room. Nurses are working brutal shifts. But at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, the calls keep coming: Can Idaho send another patient across the border?

Washington state is reeling under its own surge of coronavirus cases. But in neighboring Idaho, 20 miles down Interstate 90 from Spokane, unchecked virus transmission has already pushed hospitals beyond their breaking point.

“As they’ve seen increasing COVID volumes, we’ve seen increasing calls for help from all over northern Idaho,” said Dr. Daniel Getz, chief medical officer for Providence Sacred Heart. As he spoke, a medical helicopter descended with a new delivery.