Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2021 Breaking News

226,660,838 total cases
4,662,869 dead
203,340,043 recovered

In the US:

42,288,205 total cases
682,341 dead
32,176,784 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Folks, I am on the road and not in my right time zone so my daily numbers posts will be a bit non-standard for a couple more days (aside from missing yesterday entirely they will prolly just be slightly early, is all).

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no worries, snowboarder bo. you have been amazing keeping this going through this more than a year covid year.

I heard that on the radio just now. Not 1 in 500 infected, 1 in 500 killed. The host wondered what the American response would be if a foreign adversary killed 1 in 500 Americans.

Well, we wouldn’t be decimated…

Quincentimated I guess.



It sure doesn’t seem to be priority for the Navajo Nation. What the fuck?


Does this happen in red states more than blue states?

There’s factors that corrolate with redness / blueness that might not be directly politics-related: population density / geographical area served by hospitals. I imagine that a bright blue Alaska would still be more vulnerable to stress in its hospital system. Not to disregard mitigation behaviour or lack thereof and the political subcultures that push that, though. Difficult to separate where culture comes from politics vs correlates with it for underlying reasons such as rural individualism.

I worked it out months ago that we were getting close to that point, and I’ve been telling people that try to minimize the deaths that “it’s close to killing one in 500 Americans, and we will be there before it’s done” all summer.

I just posted that 1:500 number on another site. There’s a dude there who has been minimizing Covid since spring 2020. He mocked the small number of deaths initially.
When confronted with the updated numbers, he then crowed that this meant 499/500 were still living, so he was right. He then proceeded to inform us that it’s no big deal, since we were all going to die eventually. He capped it off with a news article about the death of someone in Afghanistan, saying that it was clear we did not care about this, and it was Biden’s fault.

The dude is not a troll… he is very sincere in his posts.

Some people just don’t understand numbers. 13 soldiers died in the Kabul attack? So covid is about 58000 Kabul attacks.

That assumes that one soldier killed in battle = one American dead, a calculation I don’t think everyone would agree with. It is pretty clear that for some, a military person who dies in service is worth well more than one regular person, though I don’t know that anyone is so crass as to express that mathematically.

Apparently the person @Euphonious_Polemic mentioned did just that. Just 1 in 500 regular people die.

It isn’t just Idaho and Alaska:

227,836,038 total cases
4,684,149 dead
204,513,177 recovered

In the US:

42,634,054 total cases
688,486 dead
32,347,726 recovered

YesterdayTwo days ago’s numbers for comparison:

What the map doesn’t tell you is that people living in urban cities that have far fewer cases per 10,000 can’t find hospital beds because the unvaccinated shitkickers are crushing their local hospitals and being moved to larger urban centers. So if someone in Chicago has a heart attack or gets seriously injured in a traffic accident, it’s increasingly likely that they’re screwed.