Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2021 Breaking News

239,037,231 total cases
4,872,802 dead
216,298,685 recovered

In the US:

45,313,353 total cases
734,611 dead
34,797,165 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Possibly. I’ve not heard the claim repeated though.

239,481,625 total cases
4,881,590 dead
216,844,181 recovered

In the US:

45,431,167 total cases
737,584 dead
34,997,968 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

239,944,477 total cases
4,889,440 dead
217,298,230 recovered

In the US:

45,547,920 total cases
739,778 dead
35,107,452 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Tomorrow there will have been over 240,000,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide.

Also tomorrow, the US will have more than 740,000 dead from COVID-19.

Just posted:

Same guidelines as for Pfizer, and they are scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss J&J, for those who prefer not to click links.

Good to know, thank you. I’m going to town tomorrow, I’ll get my booster then. No need to worry about an appointment, the only time I’ve seen anyone else getting shots there was when I got my first jab and then it was a “crowd” of 6.

I don’t think you can actually get it until the CDC meets on the 21st.

I think that’s the official word, but the person who gave me my flu and shingles shot was willing to give me another shot of Moderna if I wanted it. It would have been a full dose, but I don’t think that would have been an issue.

I’m not really sure why I waited, but I did and now I want it because I’m going to be going to a needlework convention in Vegas and 90% of the convention goers will be my age or older. I’m pretty sure most of them will be vaccinated but I really don’t want to risk getting anyone sick.

ETA I waited for my third Moderna shot because it hadn’t been 6 months yet and I’ve read that the proper amount of time between vaccinations and boosters is pretty important no matter what the shots are for.

You might also want to check with the pharmacist about timing if your COVID illness was recent. They might advise waiting a certain number of months from a confirmed Covid infection.

THANK YOU! I didn’t think about that and will report back tomorrow. I do know that hubs got vaccinated while still testing positive, but that might have been because they didn’t want to risk him not coming back and its pretty obvious that I will.

True dat!

240,383,902 total cases
4,897,302 dead
217,699,235 recovered

In the US:

45,639,012 total cases
741,893 dead
35,205,258 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

A couple of stories:


As I think I understood it: The headlines scream something along the lines of “Moderna boosters approved!!!1!!1!” but that’s not really the final word yet.

This was the 19-person expert FDA advisory committee that unanimously recommended approving the Moderna boosters (with the J&J recommendation to come shortly). But there are still several steps to go: The powers-that-be at FDA must still approve (and they usually go along with the recommendation of the advisory committee), and then the CDC must approve.

It’s expected that those will be pro-forma approvals, but they still need to happen. Apparently this will come in the next few days, perhaps next week.

ETA: I got my Moderna jabs on March 1 and 29, so it’s been six+ months for me. If they recommend boosters after 6 months, I’ll be waiting in line! If they recommend after 8 months, that will be mid-December for me.

240,836,978 total cases
4,904,809 dead
218,110,176 recovered

In the US:

45,738,585 total cases
743,880 dead
35,304,097 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

The J&J shot is finally authorized as to getting a booster shot. I have no idea as to where to go to get a second one but the article is kinda suggesting to just get whatever booster is available, I’ll be asking my Primary Doc what she thinks:

"The FDA isn’t bound by the recommendation as it makes a final decision — and adding to the debate’s complexity, new research also suggests that J&J recipients might have a stronger immune response if their booster dose is from a competing brand.

Preliminary results from an ongoing study of different ways to “mix and match” different shots showed that a booster of any sort revved up people’s levels of virus-fighting antibodies — at least for a few weeks. And the most dramatic jump came from giving a Pfizer or Moderna shot after the single-dose J&J vaccination."

My results were an impressive display of thoughtlessness. It was windy and blustery yesterday, so I wore my favorite turtleneck sweater to go to town. Those shot givers don’t get paid enough to see me without a shirt, so I didn’t even try. I’ll get it Wednesday.

I got the second jab in mid-May so a six month booster would be mid-November…right before the holidays when it will be most useful as family gatherings happen. If it is eight months then I will get it mid-January, after the holiday season and it is of relatively minor value (I’ll still get it).