Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2021 Breaking News

Someone should tell this to the Chicago cops:

For these types, covid is the secondary cause of death. The primary cause is stoopidity.

Yeah. It was the highest cause of death in 2020. I wasn’t surprised, seeing a cop going around the hospital maskless, while everyone else was required to wear one.

If anything, I’m surprised the numbers are as low as they are.

The thing is I bet they wear a bulletproof vest but the face-mask is statistically more likely to save them.

I’ve posted this several times already, but here it is again:

“Dumbness is a DIZEEEEZE! You can DIE from dumbness!”

The Honolulu Zoo’s only male lion has died from Covid. A female lion has also tested positive but is expected to recover. Story here.

In good news, Hawaii has reached 70% of the total population fully vaccinated. The governor had said all restrictions would end once that happened, but that was awhile ago, and that might not prove feasible just yet.

241,170,384 total cases
4,910,066 dead
218,412,697 recovered

In the US:

45,774,175 total cases
744,385 dead
35,352,343 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

On this note, I just came from the “3rd Pfizer Jab” thread where I was surprised to see that folks were getting Moderna booster shots back in August (without any lying about their data).

I wonder the how and the why of that. Why would CVS do that? Maybe I just missed something?

What do you mean by “It would have been a full dose”? Are they giving some people less than a full dose? I read various things about maybe a full dose (Moderna booster) wouldn’t be needed but I did not know if that was the established policy.

Moderna’s application for giving a second booster for the general population was at half dose of the first two shots. However, when they were first giving second doses for immuno-compromised people, it was at the full dose level.

What he said!

Now that I’m done laughing at my lame joke, yes. Had I gotten a third shot when I got my flu shot, I would have gotten a full dose of Moderna. The vaccine rate here is dismal, I got a couple of 10% off anything in the store coupons that could be used for booze and cigs when I got my flu and shingles shots. It is not surprising at all that they were encouraging people to get boosters whenever they had an arm in their hands and would have given full doses because nothing has been finalized yet.

Which I had in the same arm because I’m a side sleeper and didn’t want two sore arms.

OK, thanks. That makes sense. But do you mean “giving third doses for immuno-compromised people” instead of second?

No I said “second booster”. The first jab is not a booster.

Only 505 deaths in the U.S. yesterday?

Weekends tend to have low reporting, Mondays catch up and tend to be higher.

A Washington state physician’s assistant has had his license suspended after prescribing ivermectin to covid patients and trying to bully hospitals into providing ivermectin to their patients.
He already had a citation on his record and a fine in California.

At least they dies breathing freedumb air:

I’m one of those, and AFAICT, getting the shot is a question of availability and demand. Our CVS here in Massachusetts had the vaccine on hand, we asked for a booster, and we got it. The same was true for lots of people at the school where my wife works.

In Massachusetts, 68% of the population has been fully vaccinated, and 78% has gotten one shot. Since the vaccine has a limited shelf life, I imagine the thinking is that if there’s enough on hand, give it to anyone who asks, rather than let it expire.

It could be that where the vaccine is in shorter supply, dispensaries are being more restrictive. But my advice to everyone is to try to sign up for a booster at your local pharmacy (without lying or dissembling, of course) and see if you can get it. The worst that can happen is that they say no. You won’t be arrested.

What an egotistical, dishonest, cowardly piece of garbage. And people are pouring $$ into his GoFundMe. Sickening.

The article says he runs a private practice. I thought PA’s had to work under the auspices of a physician. If not, why are they Physician Assistants?

If one gets that 3rd (“booster”) Moderna jab before it’s officially approved, who pays for it?