Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2021 Breaking News

Thanks to puzzlegal and TroutMan—that answers my question. So in practical terms, it is a bit more like a lightswitch, at least according to the graphs. Not what I would expect, but interesting and not something I could find on my own.

151,143,582 total cases
3,179,495 dead
128,550,699 recovered

In the US:

33,044,068 total cases
589,207 dead
25,641,574 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

India’s problems are starting to have effects in neighboring countries:

I heard on the radio this morning that India set a new record high in daily reported cases – over 380,000. I don’t know the source of that. The number listed on the Johns Hopkins site is somewhat lower – over 360,000, but they report seven-day-averages, and likely get their data from a different place. In either case, it’s a new world record, beating India’s previous record highs over the past few days.

It’s noteworthy that India’s DAILY record of new cases is significantly greater than many countries’ CUMULATIVE reported cases – Greece, Ethiopia, Ireland, Egypt, Libya, etc. (in addition to “small” countries like Nepal, Panama, Tunisia etc.) It’s a sign of both the huge population of India and its density, not to mention the effect of the particularly infectious strain now active there.

Yes, and the pace at which they are picking up speed is terrifying.


We do need a better term for this than “mass hysteria,” for multiple reasons. I wonder if there are specific things that can be done to prevent or stop it.

I mean, there are always going to be people who faint or vomit or have other, immediate, involuntary reactions to getting shots, and there will always be people who are very anxious. But maybe there are things that can be done to prevent or interrupt the sort of communicable nature of this phenomenon.

At least 95 cases in Washington state were traced back to an Eagles Club poker night that was partially staged in order to thumb their noses at state restrictions.

From the linked article (last sentence!):

One suggestion: don’t do this kind of work in large open spaces with lots of witnesses. Each customer goes into the booth to receive their injection and they exit into a different waiting room than they entered from. Anyone having an immediate reaction gets hustled out the third way unseen by either crowd. That’ll solve the local hysteria transmission. Which is the bulk of it.

Keeping the breathless horror stories (and the totally fake stories written by Russian & anti-vax trolls) off the TwitFace will solve the large-scale social media transmission. How to do this part is left as an exercise for the reader.

The thing that surprised me is that anyone is alarmed by learning that some people faint or vomit from being jabbed. I, personally, know a few people who react badly every time a needle gets near them. I would have assumed that everyone knows a few such people. You see someone faint at a blood drive, you feel bad for them, you don’t panic.

If you’ve already been primed with “news” that people are dying all over the place from the vax and you’re a bit vax-shy anyhow and have anxiety problems anyhow, you can quickly join the growing pile of sorta-sleeping bodies.

Hmm, yeah, i guess i see your point. Most everyone i know has been at least partially vaxxed, now, and none of them has died, yet. So i wasn’t too worried about that.

It isn’t based on rationality. Person 3 getting dizzy after seeing person 1 faint and person 2 vomit is having a symptom just like persons 1 and 2. That’s why thinking of it as communicable works better than thinking of it as “hysteria.” (Plus the other problems with that word.)

So a few weeks ago, it looked like Brazil’s government was responsible for inflicting COVID hell on earth. Then India’s government said, hold my beer.

Aye; here’s an AP article about what happened/is happening in Brazil:

COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Plummet Since Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause

A bit misleading there eh?

There is a world of difference between the policies and behaviors of the leaderships of each of those nations, and if you do not know this, just about every other poster does since Bolsonaro’s malign and ignorant right wing Covid denial policy has been very widely publicised.

It seems that you might be the only person in the western hemisphere that is unaware of this difference, but I am happy to pass on factual information.

Worth nothing that whilst Brazil has been singularly incompetent and slow in procuring and injecting vaccine, India is one of the worlds largest producers and is currently achieving 2 million doses as day and is aiming to achieving 4 million doses, and Indian government has had no problem with seeking assistance from other nations, unlike Brazil whose vaccination programme is staggering from on crisis to another, in a country with pretty near first world levels of medical care.

So I find it confusing that anyone would try to link the reactions of the Covid policies of Brazil and India - perhaps you would care to explain why?

152,045,622 total cases
3,194,601 dead
129,344,842 recovered

In the US:

33,103,974 total cases
590,055 dead
25,710,142 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

I agree. India’s challenges are altogether on a different level, given the massive size of the population. A pandemic surge cannot be entirely blamed on an individual or even a national government - be it Brazil’s or India’s. However India’s government has done quite well despite missteps, unless you believe in Washington Post’s Pandemic Porn section currently focused on India. Leftist outlets have particular vitriol for right-wing governments of any shade, and it is not surprising that WaPo, NYT and their ilk heap blame on Modi, as if the virus takes instructions from him.