Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2021 Breaking News

184,936,178 total cases
4,000,779 dead
169,312,213 recovered

In the US:

34,598,361 total cases
621,335 dead
29,111,580 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

We now have over 4,000,000 deaths due to Covid-19.

By the way: COVID ‘mutates’ slowly: unlike most viruses, it is resistant to ‘small genetic differences’. On the other hand, there is sex-like exchange between different COVID strains when there is simultaneous infection: COVID may pick up a bit of bat, or pig, or cat, or bird COVID from a strain that can infect, but is unable to transfer between humans, or that can infact cats but is unable to transfer between cats, and suddenly become more infectious or more deadly.

As I understand it, damaging new COVID strains seen wild in chickens, pigs, and cats typically show signs of interchange rather than minor transcription mutations.

185,393,514 total cases
4,009,283 dead
169,736,766 recovered

In the US:

34,622,690 total cases
621,561 dead
29,145,285 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

185,857,140 total cases
4,017,885 dead
170,103,648 recovered

In the US:

34,643,902 total cases
621,873 dead
29,168,313 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

186,357,958 total cases
4,026,907 dead
170,496,480 recovered

In the US:

34,676,896 total cases
622,213 dead
29,203,308 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

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I suspect this is happening in part because masks don’t work as well for Delta as for earlier variants.

Do you have a source for that? I’m googling but can’t find anything specific about mask effectiveness vis a vis the Delta variant. Thx.

Would also like a cite for this.

A few weeks ago i found some complex mathematical papers about how masks work better for covid than for flu because of the relatively large number of virions it takes (usually) to become infected. And how that was related to how a large fraction of covid infections came from a small number of infectious events. (Super spreader events) And delta seems to be infectious with fewer particles.

I don’t have time right now, but I’ll see if i can find those again and I’ll start a new thread, because it doesn’t feel like a breaking news thing. Maybe later this weekend.

Remember back when the alpha variant was circulating, the recommendation was to double mask if you’re not going to wear an N95? That was due to high transmissibility.

Now delta is even higher, so if you’re not vaccinated, you’ll definitely have to wear a good mask or double up. The delta virus appears to have a 1000X viral load, so a crummy mask probably won’t even work well as source control.

Vaccination appears to prevent serious illness and, to a lesser extent, infection. It’s hard to say whether vaccinated people need to double-mask it or wear N95’s to lower their chances of infection at all.

I generally find variant discussion to be scientifically unsourced. Putting things out there like “masks don’t work against delta variant” runs the risk of doing harm. Puzzlegal, please start an alternate thread if you feel this is worthy of discussion.

Started a new thread, @puzzlegal, @ThelmaLou, and @Jay_Z.

Bars and restaurants in Hawaii have been open again for a while but at limited seating capacity. Now they can return to full capacity if they require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test result in the previous 48 hours.

3rd time’s the charm?

186,849,013 total cases
4,035,354 dead
170,902,970 recovered

In the US:

34,711,416 total cases
622,708 dead
29,222,972 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Thailand’s experiencing record numbers of Covid cases and deaths. Starting this coming Monday, the Greater Bangkok area will have a 9pm-4am curfew for at least two weeks.

I’m sorry to hear it.

Hawaii reported 114 new cases today (and two deaths), the first time new cases went into the triple digits since late May. The tourist overrun may have something to do with that.

I’m assuming that the numbers make no distinction between tourists and locals?