"Corporate" anti-virus solutions

I work at a school in South Africa where I manage a Windows network of around 180 workstations. Until recently, we had been using a Symantec solution that was provided to schools free of charge. This is difficult to administer on a widly dispersed campus, and so we are looking at moving to another provider, something that will ensure security across all workstations.

I have been searching for reviews/comparisons of different products to help me make a choice, and have found a few sites, but all dating back to late 2006/early 2007.

Does anyone know of more recent product comparisons - or have thier own recommendations to make?


Update (since no one is answering):

I have so far recieved the following quotes (as a school, cost is an issue, so although the amounts are in Rands and therefore meaningless to most of you, you may be able to gain a proportional idea), in case people have specific opinions:

Nod32 - R20,286
F-Secure - R37,647
Panda Security - R79,475 (1 year) or R119,119 (2 years)

Waiting for a quote from Trend Micro.


My experience is with McAfee and CA products. I dislike them both :wink:

Things you need to consider:-

Automatic client detection and silent remote installation. You do want to push your clients out.

Does the product make it easy to manage updates/upgrades. You may want to stage updates to a pilot group, or slow the rollout to prevent network overload. The updates should be silent.

You need multiple update servers and consoles, in case a critical system falls over. Your clients need to find the local update servers automatically.

The AV Policy manager must be simple and straightforward.

The system should integrate with the existing network authentication scheme, and not have it’s own security system.

The system should not have too much overhead (big SQL databases and massive reporting system). However, a status panel is important, so you can see noncurrent clients easily.


One last attempt to catch the attention before the Friday evening crowd arrives…

Thanks for the list si_blakely - that’s exactly the sort of thing that I was hoping people would comment on, because those are the sort of things that you only find out after a few months of using a product.

Update on quotes recieved:

Nod32 - R20,286
F-Secure - R37,647 (R18,825 annual renewal)
Panda Security - R23,332 (approx same for annual renewal fee)
BitDefender - R57,318 (annual renewal approx half that)
Trend Micro - 29,928

I don’t know anything about ease of administration, but I have heard nothing but praise for NOD32 in terms of function, effectiveness and lightweight resource demands.

Indeed. The first AV solution I was happy to leave running on my PC even when asking it to bust a gut running a high-end game.