Correct Wattage for PS2 powercord?

I’ve got the original PS2 from the first batch released in the US (not the newer slimmer one.) When I moved I took all my Home Theatre cables and threw them together in a box. Now that I’m putting everything back up I have TWO power cords which fit the PS2. They have different wattages however and I don’t want to risk wear or damage on the PS2 components from improper power consumtion.

The specs on the cords are:

cord #1:
7A 125V

cord #2:
7A 125V

I can’t find the specs for the cord in the manual or online. Anyone with an original PS2 know which is correct or able to check their cord for me?

Thanks in advance!

Do they specify the DC output voltage, as well? If that’s a match, then just use the highest wattage one. As long as the voltage is correct, the unit will draw whatever current it needs. Better to have a higher maximum power delivery capability; if it’s too low, the power supply could be damaged when the unit’s demand exceeds the capability of the supply.

Mine has the original cord and it’s labeled as KS-15W.

Thanks for checking buckgully