Correcting a typo in facebook

Just made a post on a friend’s wall in FB. After posting I realized there is a typo. Can’t find an edit button. Do I just have to make another post to explain the typo?

If failbook is any indication, someone will be around to point out your typo for you shortly. :slight_smile:

That failing, can’t you just delete and retype it?

Yes, your two options are to either make a second post correcting yourself, or just delete the original post and re-post it.

If it bugs me, I delete and retype.

Okay. Thanks.

But if your Facebook friends are anything like your Straight Dope friends, you’ll be doing them a favor by giving them something to correct (and feel superior) about.

If you spot it immediately and click “Delete,” you can then edit the post. You can only do this for about a minute.

Simple workaround: Highlight text, copy, delete post, paste text in new post, make correction.