Correction of the week, from the NY Times

“A picture caption last Sunday with an article about the vanishing community of Americans on Chichi Jima, a remote Pacific island that was founded by an American sailor but turned over to the Japanese in 1968, misstated the given name of a Westerner who served in the American Navy and now runs a bar in the island. He is Rance Ohira, not Lance.”


That took a little while to get, but… OY!

So, someone heard Rance and assume it was Lance. It’s not that big of a leap. (But a little funny)

Me too - I was half way across the room when I :smack::smiley:

I swear this is true:

In college, i worked part-time in the cafeteria. One evening, as I was working the sandwich bar, a Japanese grad student marched up and asked for a BRT.

“A BRT?” I said, puzzled.

He looked at me with scorn. “Yes. A bacon, rettuce, and tomato!”

(Oh, of course, I thought to myself…)


I totally didn’t get that until I read AuntPam’s post. Then I was reminded of someone at my Sweetpea’s work who occasionally makes “dairy reports”. Yes, he sometimes types in an accent. He even laughs about it. :stuck_out_tongue:



We regret the rapse in reporting.

You should march down to the New Yorker and demand a job bringing back news breaks.

I have been marching down there and demanding that for years–it was often the best thing in the issue, I don’t know *what *idiot did away with them.

They did it on purpose so they could print the retraction rater.

It must have been that woman. I blame everything that has gone wrong on that woman.

Letlaction isn’t even a word!