Correctly taking body measurements?

I have asked and had this answered a number of times in my life, yet I can never remember which is correct.

Ok the bust measurement you take around the biggest part of the boob, right? Ok, so 34. Easy.

Waist–that’s obvious. Ok, 25.



Is it my actual hips? Or is it secret code for my butt? I can never remember! If it’s my actual hips, then 34… if it’s my butt… 37. Big difference. A little help?

I know for dressmaking, your hip measurement is taken at the largest point, whether belly or butt.

At the fullest part of your hip-area. If you’re taking an abdomen measurement, it’s where your belly is biggest - which will be lower than the hips (usually).

Well when they say like 36-24-36 or whatever… that’s bust, waist, and … hip bones? Ass fatness? “fullest part of your hip-area” is just as vague as the original and doesn’t answer the question.

not hip bones, rather hip joint, or the most lateral and superior portion of the femur known as the greater trochanter, this is where “hip” circumference should be measured…and is typically around the center or largest portion of the “glutes”… so maybe it would make more sense to call it a butt vs. hip measuremet, as many confuse waist with hip i think…

Ok thanks! I should write this down or something… if you see me asking again in 6 months just smack me ;D

Hip is a euphemism for butt. Why? Beats me. But I always measure the fattest part of my ass.

I think girls with the “saddlebag” action measure around those.

It makes sense to use the fullest measure, whatever it might be. After all, that’s where a garment will be the snuggest.

I believe the measurements should be done nekked and I should do the measurin’

Yep :smiley:

well ok… how close are you to Northern VA?

Too far I afraid, but if you’re ever in seattle and need your measurements taken… :wink:

Carefull Opal…lol…I’m right down the highway from ya…:wink:

And I have nothing to add to the measurements…except that women’s sizes are the craziest crap I’ve ever seen. No wonder people get cranky shopping for stuff.

Weight Watchers says to take the waist measurement at one inch above the navel. Hips are at the maximum width…

So waist and hips are two different measurements? God, how can ya’ll buy clothes that way? All I have to know is my inseam, and waist size. That’s it.

If I might ask, what are you measuring for Opal?

I’m measuring because I want to know my measurements. I have lost 100lbs and I’d like to know what they now are.

And no, we don’t “buy clothes that way”… women’s clothing sizes are not measurements. The pants I have on right now are “size 7”…nothing to do with inches.