Seamstress Q: How do I measure my pelvis?

Alright, so I was reading about Steve Reeves, he talks about the “ideal” human form and it is built on a few body measurements. One of which is the measurement of the Pelvis. According to my uneducated attempt, wherein I placed the measuring tape around my lower hips and over what I believed to be the peak of my hip bones.

The reason I question whether I did it right or not, is that according to his formula, my chest measurement should be 73 inches around which… seems a little crazy.

So, anyone? Did I do it right and I really should aim for a 6 foot chest circumference?

– IG

Hips are measured around the largest part of the buttocks, not at the hip bones. That would be about where you would do your waist measurement. Here’s a bodybuilding page with a proportion calculator. Careful there to use your WRIST measurement, not your waist measurement. I wasn’t paying enough attention and put in the wrong number. I’d guess that an 11 foot chest measurement is more than a little unobtainable for a non-Titan. :smack: