Penis measurement

Having seen many charts online that lay out average length worldwide I ask…

What is the proper (and widely) accepted way to measure?

With two yardsticks.

I use my car’s odometer.

Along the top, according to Cecil.

Odometers are pretty small.

plenty of answers on how to measure

Well at least nobody has chimed in to say that I am the worlds biggest dick. :smiley:

In order to beat y’all to the punch I wonder if the powers that be would allow me a username change?


  1. Wide Earp.
  2. Girth Brooks.

I’ll show you! Or you can ask your tailor. :smiley:

In all seriousness, I’ve read once before that you measure it erect from where it comes out of your pelvis region. IOW, you count the part that is surrounded by the ball sac.

You ask this question of her:

“On a scale of 1-10, how good was it for you?”

X=A-B, where X is penis length and A and B are the two points which yield the highest value of X.

From the base of the shaft of your penis, lay it in the palm of your left hand and close your grip around it. While leaving your left hand in place, do the same with your right hand. Measure the length of your penis that’s still exposed, and then add that to the width of both of your hands.

Actually, I was considering “Richleigh N. Dowd”.

Everything ya wanted to know about penis size and measurements.

According to Adam Carolla - from the back of the ballsack to 1" past the end of the penis.

Also, “Dixie Normous”.

Hold up your left hand palm facing right, and your right hand palm facing left. Then say “it’s this big.”

Couple of guys were looking at a cat, and Guy 1 declared, “My penis is as long as that cat’s tail.”

Te other scoffed, so they made a bet

First they measured the cat’s tale. Then, Guy 2 measured his friend’s shaft from on top.

“Oh no,” Guy 1 said. “You have to measure from the tip of mine down to my asshole, as you did with the cat.”

This killed me.:smiley:

Correction: one measures “from the center of the anus to just past the tip.”

I believe he mentioned once that he reaches nearly six inches when measured according to this methodology.

Mine goes to 11.