Why do men have to know the size of their penis?

I never got this. I’ve never measured it, I have no idea what the size is. I also have no idea how big my ears are, my hands, my fingers, my fore arms, my neck. I know how long my legs are, but that has a usefull purpose. So what’s the deal with dicks? Why do guys measure them? Why is that so important? What drives a man to find out the exact size? What drives him to share it with other people.

If someone asked me how long my neck was, I’d tell them, none of your business FREAK. Yet, people have no problem saying (or lying) about their penis size.

This isn’t GQ, so I’m posting it here.

I’m with you on this one. I could care less about the size of mine as long as I can see it and the damn thing functions. If you ask me it’s all about the guys needing to be more macho than other guy by proclaiming HA! my manhood is bigger than yours that makes me better than you. Yeah I can see where the extra mass from your body that should be in your brain went to.

I’ll bring the measuring tape to bed tonight, ok sweetie?

But don’t worry… I won’t tell. :wink:

And guys? It ain’t the length. Really. It ain’t.

…to measure his neck you pervs!

Sheesh. Some people’s minds…


I always thought every male human being has measured his dick at least once.

If I had one myself I d measure it. I am the nosy type.

dodgy - 1 meter legs

I would too! Why? Because everyone else does, I guess. I’ve been known to measure ones I have access to, though. For both legnth and girth. :wink:

Or some guys don’t measure… just at some point a woman they are with does and tells him.

I would guess the major impetus is the same one that drives men to want to know the size of a woman’s breasts. (when we all know it’s not the size, it’s how sensitive they are that’s really interesting)


I’ve seen no need to measure, so long as Tab A fits nicely into Slot B.

And if sucking Knobs C and D gives her more pleasure…

Just want to chime in here with Oldie by saying that I don’t get it either. I mean, I could give you a sight measurement, but all in all, I look at the little guy in the shower or something, just minding his own business, and think, I don’t need any more humiliation in my life by actually knowing a size measurement.

Like I’d put it on my business card or something:

Stephen K. Watkins
Phone: (334) 678-5555
Fax: (334) 678-5556
Penis: 5.5’

I hardly think a five and a half foot penis would be a cause for humiliation, in the stereotypical male psyche, that is.

Simetra …your penis is only 5.5" long? :eek:

You’re off my Valentine’s list. Sorry.

[sub]just kidding sweetie[/sub] :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh…It’s five an a half FEET?! Holy mackerel.

::runs shrieking out of the room::

I think it is, in some ways, a male bonding thing. years ago, a group of guys I hung out with all measured their own and named each others. We then called wach other by our penis’s names. There was Pee-Wee, Lefty, Shar-Pei, Sampson, and you have to ask REALLY nicely to find out what I was called.

It’s no stranger than “crossing streams,” which is a VERY important male bonding ritual.

Hehe… wondered if someone would catch that. I’m so funny. :smiley:

I think the fixation with measurement has something to do with the height sign at the big-boy rides at the carnival. There is a waiting period for adolescents to get to the big time, and any quantitative benchmark is obsessed over.

Dodgy, “curiosity killed the cat (the satisfaction brought him back)”. You may help me measure anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

dM-- 8" hands.

Size is nowhere near as important as knowing how to wield it. Besides, “more than a mouthful is wasted.”

It’s because when you get tailor-made condoms, you have to provide exact size.

What?!?? You don’t get tailor-made condoms?!?!?!

So I know the right size of dildos to buy. I could explain, but we’re moving heavily into what I predict others are going to call TMI.

I measured it because I was curious. The first time my g/f saw it she said “wow”. (And it wasn’t sarcastic either). Talk about ego boost. I just had to know the exact length.

I used to, but I found the collar studs to be annoying, and the matching cummerbund took too much time to put on.