average penis size?

What exactly is the average penis size (erect and flacid) of an adult male? I’ve heard for an erect penis, it’s 6 inches, but I have heard some debate about how they got this figure. I always thought that it was from the tip of the erect penis to the top of the base of the penis, but I read somewhere that the 6 inch estimate actually came from measuring from the tip to the bottom base. Also, if there have been any surveys on penis size, have they found any cultural differences (i.e. do African American males really have longer penises than European Americans)?

sorry, i meant “flaccid” (as in…limp)


I measure from the anus to the tip. Much better sounding numbers if you do it that way.

I find that more interesting results can be obtained by measuring from the frenulum to the Needles Lighthouse (at the western tip of the Isle of Wight).

There’s been a few surveys done, but I don’t know how legitimate this one is: The Definitive Penis Size Survey

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Oh, and don’t forget Cecil’s take on the race issue while you’re at it.

To save you time, the answer is “it depends which survey you read.” 6 inches ±1" is probably the most accurate figure you’ll find.

Whose anus?

Whoever`s at the end (start?) of the daisy chain.

Measuring “from the anus to JUST BEYOND the tip” is known as the Adam Corolla method, as he popularized it via the Loveline radio and television program.

If you can push the buttons on the elevator while your hands are full, you may just be a little bit larger than average.

Quesiton is, when & how do they measure it?

Didn’t the Johnsons measure johnsons by taking a measurement just before orgasm?

Well, when I’m measuring my penis…

Anybody here use the Penis Mightier?

…than the sword?

Use a metric tape and it will be even more impressive. One more reason for the US to go metric.