What is average length of human penis?

I once read that a flaccid penis was 3.25". A recent discussion in a group of college guys questioned the data. Six subjects volunteered to furnish current personal data and applied rulers (in private). Results yielded astonishing variations: 2" for a short Asian to 5.75" for a lanky Yankee. Obviously the number polled is too small to draw general conclusions from, since it included a few freaks apparently.
Now all of these guys want to know the skinny on a question of such import. Some need solace while others need vindication. Are there reliable data?

About an inch and a half longer than the guy who asks the question.

Schonfeld and Beebe did a study that acquired the results of 5.13 inches for average penis length when erect.
Kinsey found that the average penis length was closer to six inches among the college males that they polled. Huh huh I said “polled” in a penis post.
More could be learned at this site.
And if you think yours is tiny, just make sure that she never sees it flaccid or has any size references nearby when she does gaze upon your erect member. Also shaving one’s pubes makes the erect penis look much larger because it’s not hiding in a dark little nest.

Some one admitted this?

I suspect this thread will be closed soon. Try “penis length” in the search engine. Then go out for a cup of coffee.

Hey CLedet,
These guys are trustworthy and interested in serious inquiries in the furtherance of statistical accuracy! Geez.

A partial answer, thanks to Unce Cecil.

Well, my sample is a bit bigger than yours and I would say that:

a) the average erect penis is probably about 6", give or take

b) the flacid length really has no bearing on the erect length.

c) size really doesn’t matter. at all. motion of the ocean and all that.

Well I for one am glad that someone has finally asked this question. Lord knows that this has never come up before and would not pop up a good three of four times in a simple search query.
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Depends on whether you measure it from the top or bottom.

Ah, I’m not fooling anyone, this is a real old topic for the boards.

On the other hand, I just took a class from the Monterey Bay Aquarium where they taught
us the animal with the longest penis in relation to body size is the barnacle. A 2" barnacle
has about a 9" penis. But I didn’t ask them if they measure that from the top of bottom.

Hey, handy knows the barnacle bit too! All I have to add is that you’d better have a fire hose for a wanker if you’re locked in your own house and want to visit the girl next door.


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the usage of the word “wanker” isn’t quite correct in this case…at least not to my (irish/british) ears.

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decidely not the male memeber!:smiley:

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(OBligatory JDT reference) would that be circumsized or not?

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I do not think measuring a flaccid penis can yield anything useful because any flaccid penis varies in size from “tiny” (like in cold water) to “almost as big as erect” (like just after you orgasm).

Food for thought:

Supposedly, Masters and Johnson decided that in addition to there being much more variance in flaccid length than in erect length, there was very little correlation between flaccid length and erect length. In fact, their samples showed a slight REVERSE correlation …

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The sex advice and general abuse columnist Dan Savage, whose work is nationally syndicated and appears here in Baltimore in the local City Paper, took on this issue a while back, IIRC. I can’t quite remember his conclusions about size, but his column did support the notion, advanced by some on this thread, that flaccid size is a very poor indicator of erect size.

Furthermore, he said that size differences between men are much more noticeable in general when examining the flaccid state, and that differences become markedly less obvious in the erect state. This was, he said, the difference between “growers” (those with small flaccid penises) and “show-ers” (those whose penises are large in the flaccid state and grow more in terms of hardness than size when erect).

Goodbye cruel world. Everyon’e right. So keep your fly zipped up, your hands out of your pockets, and let the poor little thing get some rest. If there was an unworkable size, how the heck did we all get here? And…I’m outta here.