Question about average penis size

I remember hearing somewhere that 5.5 inches is the average penis length…

I’m not trying to sound big headed but isn’t that small?

I’ve talked about it with some girls and they all tell me they’ve never seen one smaller than 6 inches (with the exception of one who had seen a 2 incher… aww)

Any help? Or have the scientists got it wrong?

Yours sincerely, Adrian Mole (aged 13 and a half).


LMAO :smiley:

lol i wasn’t referring to that!

It’s absolutely normal. Six inches is not out of the ordinary, but penii tend to hover pretty closer to the norm. Porn-star penii are rare, as are micro-penii. Don’t worry about yours. It’s not the length of the sword, it’s the charm of the masked man who bears it.

Wow, I guess I’m blessed!


I’m sure if you do a search in IMHO or MPSIMS, or even GQ, you’ll find a dozen or three threads covering *this very topic![i/]

No, it’s true!

How big’s yours?

Average’s about 2 inches bigger than that.

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Did you also ask the girls to show you how big they thought an inch was?

I asked my SO to show me what she thought an inch was.
When measured, her ‘inch’ was infact two.

Proudly doing my part to increase the national average…


I’m guessing that the girls you talked to don’t carry tape measures. The excitement of nakedness and arousal can hamper one’s perception of details. “It sure felt bigger than that.” :wink: Just focus on the pleasure of pleasuring her. If you do that, everything else will fall into place, and she’ll tell her girlfriends you’re the best.

'course I think it would depend on if said penis is flaccid or erect, so which do you mean? :wink:

“It ain’t the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean… but it takes a looong time to get to England in a rowboat” - Jeff Foxworthy

All i know is that i hav neva failed to pleasure ;D

Eh…so if she thought the average size was 6 inches she would in fact mean 12 inches. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Dad?!? WTF?!???

Oh, wait. My dad loves cheese curtains.

That goes with the old joke
Q Why are women such poor judges of distance?
A For years they have been told that
<--------this--------> is a foot. :slight_smile:

Hey, everybody knows lenght doesn’t matter as much as girth. It could be a foot long, but it wouldn’t matter if it didn’t touch the sides. :wink:

well i’ve never had any complaints and i’m not that big, I do find some women are tighter than others though, with some you’re not really sure when you’re in and when you’re out. ;j

It’s all in the synergy I suppose.