Correlation between foot size and... other size

Have any studies ever been done to actually correlate the size of a guy’s foot and… other anatomical length?

Yes, your foot is roughly the same length as your forearm.

I have size 13 feet, and I can tell you it is absolutely true what they say, “Big feet, big shoes”.

Wow! It’s like within a half inch. :slight_smile:

Way back in my undergraduate years, I found a lot of data correlating the sizes of various body parts. They obtained the datas from corpses, which they then cut up to obtain individual part measurement. So you could calculate, say, the mass of the forearm by measuring the wrist diameter and elbow-to-wrist length, say. Or know the radius of gyration of the lower leg from the knee-to-ankle distance. There were a lot of such things, so you could do meaningful biomechanics calculations calculations on live people without having to cut them up. A lot of this was done at Wright-Patterson AFB, or presented at the Stapp Car Crash Conferences.

Sadly, penises and other sexual organs rarely figured in these calculations, so there weren’t any tabulations relating foot or thumb size to them. Wouldn’t have done much good, anyway. Whatever may happen in the short term, after a few hours, corpses are notoriously flaccid there.

I have big feet, and even at middle age, they get a little longer and wider every several years.

Now as far as the rest of my anatomy is concerned, well . . . nothing seems to be actually growing anymore, and My Guy and I are happy with what I’ve got. And we’re ***very ***happy with what ***he’s ***got, even though his feet are a little smaller than mine. Does that answer your question, or do you want to see our video?

I’m sure I’ve read or heard somewhere that a person’s ears continue to grow throughout their lifetime. Or is that a myth?

And by the way, I believe the index finger has a better correlation than the foot.

What does that say about E.T.?

My friend and I had a girl tell us the size could be summed up by looking at the distance between the tip of your index finger and the tip of your thumbs when your thumb was bent all the way out.

Needless to say we were trying to bend our thumbs back as far as we could in front of her. lol

For those that need it explicitely stated, I am asking about correlation between foot length and penis length. I didn’t want to put that in the title in GQ because I wasn’t sure people would want to have that exposed on a work computer.

Anecdotal evidence aside (so no, panache, I don’t want to see your video), I was curious if this myth had ever been proven or disproven. Somehow I don’t see Jayme and Adam looking into this one.

Here’s a reference to one of Wilfrid . Dempster’s anthropometric data studies:
Here’s more:

No interesting parts, though.

It’s hard to know because it’s hard to study. The only way to accurately measure meaningful penis size is fully erect, by an unbiased medical professional or device. A very difficult situation to stage, specifically because altering the demographic of your research assistants (you know, sexy nurse) that actually do the measuring will introduce another uknown variable into your result. If you don’t alter it, a lot of people are going to have trouble being fully erect in such a situation.

In fact, I can’t even come up with a way to study penis size in general that I do not have some problem with. Either ethical issues, bias or unknown variables. Self-reporting is out entirely - just give any reasonably experienced girl a piece of paper and ask her to draw an 8" penis to scale without using a ruler. My guess is that it’s going to be around 6".

Now, people with big feet tend to be bigger in general, and if we can somehow establish if bigger people tend to have bigger penises, then at least we got some results. Unfortunately, again, it’s not something you can measure on a corpse, so where do you get the data.
Now, on second thought here’s a study idea for determining penis sizes that’s while entirely unethical should be as objective and scientific as possible otherwise:

You take a large selection of gay male and female research assistants who are going to be our brave volunteers. You take your sample group of men that is going to be the test group. Each member of the test group gets a choice of a research assistant to have intercourse with, and they go into the test room. What the test subject is unaware is that the entire room is monitored from many many angles by all sorts of cameras of different spectra, with several specially placed objects to provide scale. The dedicated research assistant tries her or his best to excite the test subject to the highest degree possible and subtly assures that the test subject’s member is visible from the greatest number of angles/cameras. Then you use some math/computer processing to extrapolate the size based on several different angle shots and whatever data you have available (this part I know can be very precise).

But if Kari takes up the project, I volunteer as a research subject.

I’m not sure what the demographic of the research assistant has to do with anything. Why can’t you get a couple research assistants to go into a room with the subject, where there are a variety of porn magazines. The RA’s go behind a curtain until the subject has worked himself into a full erection and signals that he’s ready for measuring. They measure two or three times while the subject confirms that he’s still at his best, and average the results. Then various other body parts are measured, for comparison, and test is over. Subject goes home to finish himself off.

cmosdes does not speak for all of us.

so if this myth is prevalent, then does anyone know if it is common for men to deliberately buy/wear larger shoes than they need to make themselves “appear” to be larger?

Clowns make up a very small portion of the general population, so I wouldn’t say it’s common.

Ronald McDonald must get alot of dates.

Ok, this is probably TMI, but I personally am never “at my best” so to speak unless I am with a girl I want. It’s not something I can trick myself into, I was assuming lots of people were like that, but maybe I’m just a freak.